lessons learnt

in this post, i want to bore with some of the lessons i have learnt in my few years of active training and hope that you don’t repeat the same mistakes if you are going to get into exercise

  1. Sit ups, if overdone can lead to muscle tear in the stomach and this can manifest in so many different ways. You might think you have a stomach bug. If you are going to exercise any part of your body, start slow
  2. Every time you run a hard race, take time off pounding concrete. Your muscles need a break.
  3. whatever you do, don’t get a groin injury
  4. cycling is a good way to recover from intense activity
  5. include stretches as part of your work out schedule. especially after a strenuous run
  6. water is your friend
  7. carry a pressure pump, puncture kit and or a spare clincher for long rides, you don’t know where a puncture will find you
  8. listen to your body. if in pain stop. if sore, continue working out, but gently
  9. most of the time, the weather is not bad for a work out, we are just not appropriately dressed for the weather
  10. good nutrition is your other best friend
  11. finally, sleep is your best of friends. it can be the one determinant between a successful workout and a ruined run
  12. and final final, rest and recovery doesn’t necessarily mean being a couch potato.

Get up and run. Have a fun filled day everyone.