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A Dr. Chacha wrote an article where he seems to lament the absence of god in Kenya during elections. One would think there are jurisdictions where god has a voters card since he tells us that god doesn’t vote in Kenya which should be obvious.

He takes umbrage on a politician calling himself a son of mau mau instead of a son of god and interprets this as choosing violence as a means of resolving political dispute instead of peaceful alternatives. I don’t think this interpretation is correct nor justified.

In the same article, he writes evil always triumphs over good evidenced by the bad leaders we end up with. These leaders are voted by the masses. I hope the good lecturer is willing to agree that the voters prefer evil to good, otherwise I don’t see how his argument can be sustained.

It is parsons who have always insisted leaders are anointed by god regardless of how dubious their character is.

His conclusion that religion doesn’t affect how we vote should not be mourned but actually celebrated. We are not electing the bishop but representatives who shall legislate on our behalf. And religion shouldn’t determine how people vote.That ethnicity affects how people vote is an area for study for social scientists.

And with that, have a great weekend everyone.


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16 thoughts on “In one of our dailies

  1. Deepak Joshi says:

    You have raised great points. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. renudepride says:

    Excellent observation and assessments, my Kenyan brother. Unfortunately, this situation is apparently universal and not just Kenya-based Have a great weekend! .

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  3. Barry says:

    Hmm.. Any politician in this country who promotes their religion is doomed to the political wilderness. During our previous general election, the leader of the major opposition political party was filmed visiting her church and praying before attending a political rally. The commotion it caused in the media was amazing. You’d think she’d been caught with her hand in the political donations cookie jar. The simple fact was that most people were unaware of her religious affiliation (most politions here keep any religiosity to themselves) and were taken somewhat by surprise by the discovery. It turned out that she regularly prayed prior to events that are important to her. It’s just that it had never been depicted on rhe television news before, and I’m sure she regrets that it did on that occasion. I suspect that if it had occurred outside the election campaign cycle, her religiosity would have barely raised an eyebrow and been quickly forgotten.

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  4. Would this be Chairman Mau Mau?

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  5. No matter how we vote, those with self-interested agendas are already ahead of us!


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