42 thoughts on “How frequently do you shower

  1. jeannejam40 says:

    I am so old that the norm when I was growing up was the Saturday night bath. One towel lasted one week NOT one bath. I remember how irritated I was in health class ( yes learning what is good for your health, mostly physical, because we still had mental institutions, they were not eliminated till I was an adult) because the teacher was stating that there was no reason to wash your hair more often than once a week, and I had very oily skin and hair and washed my hair every two or three days!

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    • makagutu says:

      I find this quite interesting. My hair is the one thing among many that makes me have a daily shower. And we have always showered daily even as children though at that time we would play tricks on our parents.


      • jeannejam40 says:

        Lol, yep I am talking about the 40-50s. Later I took daily showers until about I was 75 then my Arthritis made showering alone impossible so I am down to daily spit baths! Of course since I am essentially house bound I do not get very dirty. Of course yesterday my grand kids took me out to lunch so I got dirtier than usual but had no energy for a shower!


        • makagutu says:

          How was the lunch with the grandkids?


          • jeannejam40 says:

            Sorta nice, but one woman had her grandson who would not stop screaming ( apparently he was teething) . Finally the staff asked if they could box her food and she would not have to pay, just so she would take the poor kid home. Then the meal finally became enjoyable. I hope she got the kid some ambasol Afterward we went to the nail salon and I got purple painted nails. Fun, isn’t it amazing, when you are old, how little it takes to enjoy yourself?


  2. renudepride says:

    My hygiene habit has been at least one shower once a day (minimum). Despite the tweet you attached, I prefer cleanliness and comfort – as does my spouse! Scrub away! ๐Ÿ™‚ Naked hugs!

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  3. Ark says:

    Shower twice a day, most weeks.
    Almost never bath.

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  4. As a child, Saturday night bath, hair washing every 2 weeks.

    Now it’s nightly bath, because I don’t want to take the day to bed with me, & hair wash every week. Very dry hair, it doesn’t get oily as such.

    I seldom shower as I don’t like standing to wash, & my dizzy spells are also an issue at times.

    My kids had a weekly bath, or whenever they wanted one.

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  5. Daily (usually). But when I was a little kid (60s/early 70s), I think it was weekly. The standard was different for my parent’s generation. I had to adjust to the contemporary version during adolescence. (Now I feel icky by the end of the 2nd day.)


  6. Nan says:

    What a crazy topic/question!!??!

    As far back as I can remember (and that’s quite a long time ago), baths were daily in our household. And still are for me. However, the other-half steps into the shower about every 2-3 days so I guess his early days match some others who have commented.

    Even though my daily activities are minimal (no working up a sweat, etc.), there’s simply NO WAY I could go without a daily shower!


  7. ladysighs says:

    Whatever the Bible says I doeth.
    Ephesians 5:26


  8. rautakyy says:

    I take a shower every working day, because I am dirty after work. On saturdays I heat up my sauna, mainly for relaxation purposes. I do not own a bathtub nor am I partial to waddle in dirty water, but occasionally it is fun to sit in a tub with your hat on (as is proper) full of people at a medieval event, if you can wash yourself afterwards in a sauna.


  9. A well come light-hearted reminder that we humans have not yet been turned into machines.


  10. shelldigger says:

    Shower once daily, usually after supper and settling in for the evening. Unless it’s been one of those 3 change of clothes days. Sometimes shit has to be done on the hottest days and I’ll wet 3 sets of clothes with sweat.

    I even measure hot days as a 1 shirt, 2 shirt, 3 shirt, or a fill in the blank _____ full set of clothes days.

    When it’s that bad, I might shower once through the day, then again in the evening.

    Of course my standard answer for most people is “I shower once a month or when I need it. Whichever comes first.” ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. basenjibrian2 says:

    generally one per day. would do more because of cycling exertion and sweat, but given the drought i feel guilty. gotta save water so the hedge funds can send almonds to China!!!


  12. basenjibrian2 says:

    i have tried to cut back a bit because of our drought. but heck, the feudal farmers in Fresno are still growing almonds for China and the profit of the venture capital.

    as a cyclist, it is hard for me to skip bathing


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