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Am an architect, I love classical music, movies, books, I sometimes spend my time in the park listening to birds sing, when I can I like to watch the sun go down, I love my beer cold and am an atheist a naturalist.

We are on a journey together to where i know not freeing the world from religious bigotry and nonsense BS.

This is where I will record my thoughts as they occur to me when am awake.

These thoughts will cover religion, book reviews, photography[am receiving donations for buying a good camera ], politics, architecture, music, movies and what else I don’t know.

Lets go for a ride then and make our own paths. Let us free men all men by ensuring the last priest, imam, rabbi or religious minister is without employment.

The host welcomes all comments and ideas and asks that we be civil even when we disagree.

105 thoughts on “About

  1. V.Rajagopal says:

    Hey again.. Another award for you.. The Liebster, this time.. Follow this link, if you’d like to participate:


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  2. Argus says:

    Funny … old eyes playing tricks, in that second to last para above I read ‘minister’ as ‘monster’.

    (Actually, they’re interchangeable anyway …)

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  3. Been having some WP issues and they keep unfollowing me from several sites I follow. Yours was one. I had to keep refollowing the blogs for some reason. I do believe the matter is cleared up as I’ve sent several hundred armed men to the WP front offices to straighten this out. $Amen$

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  4. Will do. Seems to be OK now. $Amen$


  5. Mak. I’m unable to comment on your most recent post on god and morality. Did you delete it?


  6. It’s OK now. Probably just me doing something wrong, as usual.


  7. Barry says:

    Bugger! another non-theist I’ve started to follow. Why are such bloggers so interesting??

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  8. Hey Makagatu, the blogger formerly known as BBK here 🙂 Thanks for your support and your words on The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know. Glad to be reading up on your blog again!

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  9. george agak says:

    Thanks for showing interest in my writes. I hope you find enough to read here http://www.georgeagak.wordpress.com . As you’ve seen I major in poetry and flash fiction

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  10. nannus says:

    I am wishing you a happy new year!

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  11. Argus says:

    You get awards … wow~! (On my ‘Cassandric’ blog I don’t even get readers.) I think ol’ God hates me …

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  12. […] Another thought experiment, inspired by a conversation with this blogger*. […]

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  13. […] A wink to John Zande, Ark, and Mak. […]

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  14. Amen, brother! I like that you crossing out atheist and instead used the term naturalist. I share this sentiment in so many ways! Thanks and peace, my friend.

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