Most of you, except Ark know that the Olympic games are on in Japan. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony yesterday but I have heard it was glorious. Again for Ark’s sake, these games were put off for a whole year due to covid and there are very few spectators if any at the games and me wonders whether a non rich country would have managed to host the games without revenue from ticket sales.

I found myself watching two sports; Brazil vs Netherlands women football ( replay) I don’t know how it ended so don’t ask me. The second was weightlifting again the women trials or whatever they are called and man, don’t they lift heavy stones. And while at it I checked Wikipedia on the sport and a fellow lifted 256kg (?) At Rio Olympics and that’s amazing. The heaviest I have lifted that high is a spoon full of rice and it was a struggle.

So all the best to all the athletes participating in the games. I await to see Simone Biles wow the audience and the world stage.

A sporty weekend to you all and a great Olympics to all.

Flat earth

This is just me asking questions. I am on a break from braining.

I would want a flat earther to explain a few things to us/me

  • Is the moon also flat? What’s the thickness of the disc?
  • Are there other planets in this conception & what are their shapes? Are they flat discs?
  • Do flat earthers think there are other galaxies?
  • What’s the relationship between flat earthers and a 6k old earth?
  • Does the age of the earth affect that of the universe or are earth and universe synonymous?
  • Is the sun equally flat?
  • Since the earth is flat, is it bounded at the edges with a wall or a high-rise fence like the one on the US southern border? If someone fell off this border, where would they go?
  • Can we go under the disc/ plate that is the earth and how deep would that have to be?
  • Were mountains, valleys and other such features created at the same time when the earth was being created flat to keep us from getting bored from unending flatness?
  • On a flat earth, do we have different altitudes or that’s scientists lying to us about some place being at a lower elevation?

No, I don’t mean to stump a flat earther, I just would like to get a better understanding of where you are coming from. Maybe I can become a flat earther, who knows 🤔

Godless grifters

I think I like the title of this article. And maybe the author is right.

If you want to have a hero, choose a dead one.


And that is only if you must have a hero or icon. Once they are dead, it is unlikely they can create new scandals and all. And you are likely aware of all the shit that or most of the not politically correct things they said about a certain class of human beings. Living heroes or those who have such icons will be left always disappointed that their icons can be racist, sexist, dumb or something gross and it is so with the fellows in the article linked above.

What are you thoughts on the article.

Mt Kenya

The say the height of competition is a dude trying to piss next to a waterfall
I read somewhere that Darwin’s Arch collapsed. Maybe this can be a replacement
Mushroom pillar
Marvels of natural engineering. I don’t know why my engineers give me hell when I ask them to support my cantilevers.

Mt Kenya hike

I have never been so happy to see my car as I was this morning
The twin peaks from Timau
These speak for themselves
The view into this gorge is spectacular. I don’t think the picture does it enough justice
The start of the Summit attempt at 2am
Yours truly
Icicles formed on my bag from where water had been leaking when we went up the summit
Batian and Nelion peaks covered in cloud or is it mist/ fog
The view of sunrise as it rises while at the summit
Point Lenana. Highest trekking point on Mt Kenya
Yours truly looking very warm on this spectacular morning at the peak
I can’t seem to have enough of this
The highest via Ferrata in the world
You told me these are giant what?
View into my tent just before we set off for the summit attempt
Gorges Valley

I hope you find these enjoyable. Just to ask, how many times can I reuse the pictures from this trip to whip up a post?

Mt kenya 4 day hike

So we hiked to point Lenana with others. But I will come back to that in a minute. I will start by talking about observations that I made during the last 4 days.

If you have been wondering why there is no population explosion among the Eskimo, wonder no more. I have you covered. My research shows it is the cold. Given my experience of the last 4 days, their Willy’sare not bothered to rise to occasion much regularlyas the regular Johns. And while at it, are there any humans who live at or above 3300m ASL. In Kenya, I am almost certain anywhere at that altitude is a national park or reserve.

If you are married or planning to get married and were interested in finding out how your partner, spouse, wife, husband or whatever woke people call it these days, would behave in adversity, mt kenya is a good place to find that out. You start at Lake Elis where you repeat the sweet nothings people often tell each other, then you embark on the trek. In four days, you would have gone through enough challenges to at least know how you fare.

How many under 10 years old have summitted point Lenana? We met this lovely family who said their daughter, who was turning 10, was going to celebrate her birthday at the summit.

So, on Thursday I drove to Chogoria quite early in the morning. The drive to the park gate is 21km of climbing. The climb is so steep one would enjoy it on a bike. I don’t however want to think of the downhill trip as you will be clinging on your brakes almost the entire time. I think I would want to cycle there just for the elevation. We set out from the Bandas to Roadhead, through Lake Elis, which would be our first trek of the hike.

Day 2 we hiked to Mintos campsite rising to an altitude of 4200m. The hike here was most spectacular going through the Gorges valley, seeing Lake Michelson ahead, and at some point, Lake Elis was on our right and the Mt peaks right ahead. We set camp then went for a short walk to Mintos Tarn. This was summit night. I think I must have wore all the clothes I had in my bag. It was effing cold.

At 2am, we set out for the summit attempt. This was the most challenging section of the hike. You are rising close to 800m in under 4km. We got to the summit just in time for the sunrise. And that was the most spectacular sunrise I have seen in a while. I think it was a good idea to make the attempt that early in the morning/night. Doing so in the day looks like it would be taunting unless one has had to do it severally like the two gentlemen we met who were in shorts and had come from Sirimon gate for a one day hike to the summit then down to the Naromoru gate.

From the summit we descended to Shipton’s camp for breakfast and dress down. The less I say about that descent the better. From here we had a long descent of 14km to Old Moses campsite where we put up for the night. I still couldn’t sleep well even thou I haven’t slept properly the last 3 days. The altitude here is 3330m ASL.

On our last morning of the hike, we walked 8km down to Sirimon gate where our cars were waiting. Again, thanks to Muturi who made this possible by arranging to have the two cars driven from Chogoria gate to Sirimon gate. I cannot say thank you enough to this gentleman.

It would be amis on my part if I were not to give a shout out to those who made this hike great. Our guide Muturi and his assistant Kasarani are the real definition of patient. I think anyone, literally anyone, can summit Mt Kenya if their guide is Muturi. Our chef Victor surprised me all through. We had 3 course meals whenever we sat to have lunch, breakfast or dinner and it was wonderful food. Then Congo and the group of porters. These guys were wonderful. Carrying our equipment, setting up tents and staying almost invisible. These guys were all wonderful. My colleagues Clare and Yara, were awesome too. We got along so well making the hike quite an enjoyable experience.

And my BFF who sponsored part of this trip. My wife, always supportive. My colleague who lent me his camera so you will see some almost great photos. And Lucy who was the plug to Muturi. Thank you all so very much.

Pictures will be coming soon.

Terrible essay on religion or lack of it

There are terrible essays, then there is this by J Maren. He says in an interview with a Ferguson, he (Ferguson) said atheism is a religious faith that he was brought up in. He went on to say it is as much a faith as Christianity or Islam. And finished by making the observation that

atheism, particularly in its militant forms, is really a very dangerous metaphysical framework for a society

And at this point, I have questions. Creeds such as Christianity or Islam have books, or tenets of beliefs, they often have founders and a lot of other requirements. Now what could be the similarities between atheism and Islam or Judaism? How, in its militant form, whatever that means, is it a danger to society? Do they kill believers?

What else had Ferguson to say?

I know I can’t achieve religious faith,” he went on, “but I do think we should go to church. We don’t have, I don’t think, an evolved ethical system. I don’t buy the idea that evolution alone gets us to be moral. It can modify behavior, but there’s just too much evidence that in the raw, when the constraints of civilization fall away, we behave in the most savage way to one another. I’m a big believer that with the inherited wisdom of a two-millennia old religion, we’ve got a pretty good framework to work with.

This is interesting. For thousands of years, our loving and merciful father forgot about his creation. Left men without a religion. Without morals and remembered to send this information much later and topped it up with a suicide or is it a deicide.

If Maren is right, we must believe that before Christianity there was no forgiveness. Maren tells us, in part

What we do know is that he thought Christianity was in many ways the soul of Western civilization, and that the uniquely Christian concept of forgiveness was utterly indispensable to its survival.

I don’t know about you, but I know I am have not

My fear is that the Church is not doing what so many of us on the outside want it to do, which is preaching its gospel, asserting its truths and its claims

wanted the church to do anything except that believers keep their faith private.

Maren then tells of an interview with D MUrray who

believes that Christianity is essential because secularists have been thus far totally incapable of creating an ethic of equality that matches the concept that all human beings are created in the image of God

Which is interesting from where I stand. It appears there has been a difference between belief and practice. But the less said about this the better. Reminds me of when Haitians revolted following the French declaration of Freedom, Liberty and Fraternity, there were locked in a revolt with the French for 12 years until the defeat of Napoleon’s army.

In his conclusion, Maren writes that the west and Christianity are tied at the hip. The west will not long survive without Christianity. The sooner you all start joining the church nearest to you, the longer the western civilization will last. It is all up to you.

Or maybe I am wrong.