On this page I will from time to time update awards received on this blog. We thank all our friends who have considered as for nominations.

Our good friend TACP nominated for an inventive blogger award and said very good things about us. I can’t thank you enough.

However, we can’t nominate for we would be at a loss as to where to end, for all of you who we follow and read their blogs are wonderful. I hope my friend will understand that we appreciate his thinking about us.


3 thoughts on “Awards

  1. frankomeara says:

    G’day mate !
    You are always first off the mark in reading my new posts. I see you no longer define yourself as an atheist, nor religion as nonsense. I would love to see you post a comment on one or other of my Reflections; why not the most recent one on “Intolerance” ?


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  2. Argus says:

    Not an atheist?
    How can any independent analytical rational mind not be an atheist?
    I am … even though I too have been down to the sea in ships, His wonders to behold.

    (Mind you, I still hold that The Big Bang and The Creation are just two names for the same event …)

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