John wick

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

The Green Mile, Les Miserables and I don’t remember which. Maybe the last castle and Shawshank Redemption.

I like John Wick. A dude goes on a rampage because of a dog. Well, it ain’t just a dog. It was given him by his wife who some dudes thought a good idea to kill. Now some idiots harmed his dog and they got what they deserved.

I find the Green Mile very emotional. I find the injustice done to John unbearable and is representative of what happens to many people jailed for crimes they didn’t commit. Paul is a good man. Can only do enough. Delacroix is an asshole and so are most of the prison warders and the inmates in the green Mile but not John. It is for people like John that the innocence(?) project exists.

Other than John Wick, the three movies I have listed have something to do with jailhouses. Jean val Jean has just left prison in les miserables. In Last Castle, there is a prisoner’s revolt that topples the main warden. In shawshank redemption, god- Morgan Freeman- and others are in prison and are friends with a guy who plots his escape and carries it out successfully through shit. It is the determination to be free that is amazing.

I don’t watch series, if I can help it. And it is unlikely I will watch a series twice even if I liked it. Where is the time to do that? A movie yes. Every time I watch the same movie, it has a different ending. There is something new to pick.

Lastly, other movies I have watched more than once include the Stoning of Soraya M., the three burials of m estrada, the three billboards outside ebbing missouri. Each of these movies tell great stories. Of human cruelty to each other. Of love. Of determination and Of the fight for justice.

They may not some people’s cup of tea but for me, I can watch them every other 3 days and not be bored.

I watched The Closer

By Dave Chapelle and I don’t know what the furore is all about.

Comedians and court jesters say annoying things all the time and so what. There’s nothing in the show to suggest that he is inciting violence against any one group. And I think he is within his rights to support whatever cause or individual he chooses. We might not agree with his choice of words or even his jokes but we can’t stop him from saying it.

Or maybe I am missing something.

movie time

I know Jim said I should keep to book recommendations only and not venture into songs or movies that my recommendations on those two areas are really not great but as we say here, Jim can go hang :). And in the spirit of not braining, we can watch a movie. Besides, for most people, the pandemic has caused a lot of misery, a distraction here and there ain’t a bad idea.

In the 1960s, 4 young boys are growing up in New York and as many young boys are, they play truancy a lot. Only this one occasion, it goes overboard. Someone gets hospitalized and so they are sent to juvenile detention or jail or whatever such places for boys are called. They are guests of the state for 18 months. A really long time. Many things happen in these places but rehabilitation ain’t one of them. Violence. Sexual abuse. I don’t know what else.

So 18 months later, the 4 boys are released & they get busy with school. One becomes a lawyer and joins the DA, another a clerk with a newspaper and two are street punks or whatever it is called. Years later, two of them bump into one of the guards, offs him in a diner and here the movie gets interesting. There is court case and with an ending both expected and unexpected.

If you have 2 hours which you don’t know what to do with ( I have friends who want to go to heaven and live for eternity but don’t know what to do with themselves on Sunday when they don’t go to church), then Sleepers can help with that. It is an old movie, where old means 1996.

I watched a really silly movie

In fact, I am not sure one can say it is a bad nor a good movie. It just is. But it is relevant for some of the discussions we have on this blog and elsewhere. In the recent post by Nan, Barry did mention that god has been defined by Lord Geering and maybe a few others as a metaphor representing some of our highest ideas.

This brings us to the movie. It is on Netflix and the tittle is Saladin. I found out this was the deliverer of Jerusalem from the crusaders in the 12th Century. Men were going to their deaths to fight over a piece of earth. And they still do, to this date.

One thing I can say for the script writers and the directors is they know how to revenge. In the whole act, the Arabs are referred to by the Europeans as barbarians and savages but in their actions, the Arabs come out on top. They are just, innovative and their leader Saladin is a man for lack of a better word, we will say is an just principled and generous man.

It is 3 hours long. And while it is the conversation that is riveting, it is in Arabic so you can’t let play in the background while you do some important thing like spoonfeeding a cat that has refused to eat.

Humanity doesn’t seem to have improved. We still kill one another for a piece of earth, or for believing incorrectly when these beliefs have no demonstrated truth/ facts to support them.

So I have been watching movies

And I think some of you might find at least on of them interesting. If you have followed me long enough, you will already know I am those guys who like to watch old movies. The first one resonates with the issue of nuclear disarmament. And I think builds on an older story; what would happen if the US acting on misinformation launched a nuclear weapon against Russia or vice versa. I hear something like this has come close to happening.

The second movie, also about war, is how men, headed to their death in the belief they were fighting for freedom. The action is really good. There is bravery. Comradeship. Friendship. And of course racism.

And finally, run all night, a movie I watched more for the voice of Liam Neeson than anything else. But it is a good movie. A fall out between friends. Murder. Cops. Mob and death. But then again, is it possible to have a mob movie without death? What else would they be trading in?

Tell me if you found any interesting. Jim you are not allowed to comment.

I don’t know about you

But for me, I find the blackkkansman by Spike Lee terribly amusing. Any person who can treat a serious topic humorously scores A in my books.

We have Ron Stallworth joining the Colorado Spring police force as the first black dude & sets the ball rolling in an amusing way when he calls to join the khan’s branch in Colorado.

Walter is easily trusting. Felix too suspicious. Flip is so composed even under pressure & then there is that fat drunk racist fellow i can’t recall who was drunk throughout. And stupid.

And David Duke! That was a hilarious character.

I laughed throughout that movie. You can watch it if you can laugh at yourself.

Happy New Year everyone.