History has been made

In Vienna by a Kenyan!

Eliud Kipchoge is the goat! Man has run 42km in 1:59.40.2.

If you are just waking up, you missed a great event in human history.



Midnight express

Is a tribute to youth stupidity and an example of how the law can be a real ass when those in charge of its application are pigheaded. This movie is the story of a young man who tries to smuggle two kilos of coke out of Turkey to the States. And as all stupid things go, this is one of the most stupid because dude is unable to hold it together at the various police checks at the airport and is discovered.

He is thrown into prison first for 4 years only for the term to be revised upwards to 30 years. He makes the clever decision that he can’t die in that prison and starts to work on an escape plan. The first plan almost succeeds except for the civil works that the Turks had done closing his escape route.

His girlfriend ( she is a keeper) comes to see him in prison and I think he is inspired to do more. Let’s just say he escapes and goes back home, minus the drugs of course.

If you have nothing to do for the weekend, here is something to help reduce the hour count.

In Standoff

Is Carter lucky or is he good stalling? What is it that stops Sade from burning down the whole house if all he wants is the girl dead?

Though Sade he can’t be trusted & that he kills for two reasons; as necessity or as a contract but never for fun. Maybe this is the only reason he doesn’t kill Isabel at the end.

This movie is thin on action but heavy on the waiting. A great portion of it happens within the walls of Carter’s house where wills are tested to the very end.

I wouldn’t call it great.

Killing season

It’s 20 years after the Bosnian war has ended. An American soldier taking it easy in the mountains is tracked by a Kovac who has a real axe to grind. Who will win is the question that keeps us on the edge of the seat.

There is this conversation they have at some point about whether there is god and the Kovac says he believes in the existence of god because only a good could allow so much evil.

In another scene, he is confessing his sins and he says “I confess my sins unto you but don’t dare absolve them”. I like any movie people are being irreverent.

Maybe you will like it.