the religion of peace strikes again

or should we blame this on the blasphemy laws that exist in some of the countries where the religion of peace is the dominant religion.

you must have heard that a boy of eight was recently arrested and released on bail for pissing in a madrassa in Pakistan. Following his release, enraged members of the religion of peace vandalised a Hindu temple.

all these remind me of this video i was watching not long ago where someone asked an imam why Islam is so sensitive to criticism that the response is always brimstone, grenades and death to the offending persons and his response, my friends, that they love Allah and Mo more than they love their lives, families and neighbours that an insult to any of them is an affront that can only be responded to by death or something worse.

the law is so crazy for example

Sending texts, sharing poetry, giving homework, producing films, making footballs, removing stickers and drinking water are some of the acts that have been deemed blasphemous in Pakistan. Even reading the Quran, performing Islamic rituals or calling yourself Muslim is sacrilegious if you belong to the Ahmadiyya sect, making Pakistan the only country where one can be imprisoned — or even sentenced to death — for practising Islam. Where the officially excommunicated Ahmadiyya Muslims are legally barred from practising Islam, even Shia Muslims are victims of state persecution, with efforts made in the Sunni-majority country to outlaw their beliefs as blasphemous. Before the eight-year-old Hindu was charged with blasphemy, a three-year-old Shia Muslim had been investigated for organising an Islamic gathering.

Jeff, it is time you changed your religion to a more peaceful one. Say become a hasidic Jew

Repeal all blasphemy laws

This case of four Pakistanis in court for various blasphemy charges is quite scary. And sometimes you don’t even know your accuser so you can face them in court. And what is this with religious sensibilities? Can’t god take a joke? And why be so uptight about what others say of your religion? This reminds me of the comments of the inquisitors, why show mercy anyway and you are going to hell.

a question about the Koran

the regular readers of this spot know our position on Jesus H. Christ.

they also know what we think of the bible and by extension religious books.

Muslims think of their religion as the only true™ one.

and of the Koran as coming straight from the gods.

the Koran in many places makes references to H. Christ.

can we not safely conclude it is just a mishmash of stories just as the other religious books, or worse?

of dingbats and asshats

t’is the common vice of nature, that we at repose most confidence and receive the greatest apprehensions, from things unseen, concealed and unknown- Caesar

In the post I wrote on 9 people sentenced to death for blasphemy, I did ad after the name Mo-piss be upon him; a play on the word peace that the goddites- especially of the Muslim variety add to the names of venerated religious leaders. It is impossible for me to blaspheme. Only a goddite can blaspheme especially when they think their all-loving deity will punish me in hell for eternity plus one for not believing in it. There is, in what I have read so far, no evidence of Moses of Jesus or Mohammed in history except in the religious books. To take offense because you think I have insulted an important religious figure is beyond me. Whenever I write a post, someone is going to get offended. A christian may get offended or a Paulite or sometimes even a Buddhist. This blog is like a house. In my house, you can disagree with me all you want, I expect it, but you can’t insult me or my friends who you come and find in the house. It is a sign you lack mannerisms and or are a philistine to not know how to conduct yourself civilly. Maybe I am being too harsh, maybe how to behave is not covered in your holy book and the deity hasn’t sent directions on how to behave while on the internet, especially given, the internet is a modern invention. I would be the last person to deny that the Arabs by translating and storing the tomes they had collected from the different Greece and Roman cities as the two empires were falling were instrumental in getting Europe out of the dark rule of the church. However, it is massaging history to claim that Islam was the driving force. In the peaceful religion of Allah, there were falsafa schools which lost to the more dogmatic brands. And whereas most Arabs were Muslims, there were a number who were critical of the faith. Al Razi, a great scholar who lived a few hundred years after Mo is said to have lived, wrote

You claim that the evidentiary miracle is present and available, namely, the Koran. You say: “Whoever denies it, let him produce a similar one.” Indeed, we shall produce a thousand similar, from the works of rhetoricians, eloquent speakers and valiant poets, which are more appropriately phrased and state the issues more succinctly. They convey the meaning better and their rhymed prose is in better meter. ,  By God what you say astonishes us! You are talking about a work which recounts ancient myths, and which at the same time is full of contradictions and does not contain any useful information or explanation. Then you say: “Produce something like it”?!

If the Koran was a science book, why is the Muslim world full of creationists? To accuse me of ignorance about Mo or any other prophet simply because I have written piss be upon one of them is the height of arrogance. You don’t know what I know and I don’t care about your little prophets and silly gods. I don’t want to make this post longer than this. It is a dedication to Tonymarshallword and whitemagic who for some reason got offended about blasphemy. I am almost certain if they had the power, they would have hauled my ass to a court or killed me on the street for writing about their silly religion. Whitemagic in praise of Tony, writes in a comment

Bravo bravo Mr Tony. Finally someone with intelligence and who isn’t filled with blind hate!! At a time when Europeans were fighting off diseases, Arabs had already named most of the stars in the sky. Actually, the Islamic holy book contains many scientific facts which today’s scientists have only just discovered. It’s truly amazing! I was watching a fantastic show where a British scientist said Muslims should be loud and proud of all the science that’s In the Quran! Bravo ! Others on here can continue making jokes about God on a bicycle. Says it all….

it should always be remembered that most of the stars and heavenly bodies have Greek, Roman or Egyptian names, these being the first people to name them. The Arabs, who for most of their early beginnings were barbarians only learnt to philosophize or write when they met the Greeks. We thank them however for being custodians of knowledge when the priest was in charge. And Tony in his great eloquence writes

Stop trying to justify what is clearly obviously the contrary! I wouldn’t expect you to understand my post. You ONLY raised awareness of the sentence of 9 people? Oh please, even an underdeveloped brain like yours can understand that has clearly got nothing to do with you modifying peoples post to amuse your sad little mind. You insult religion and therefore many people’s beliefs. Be ashamed and learn to accept criticism if your insulting, being rude and spreading hatred! Tell your ignorant follower that Allah is word that means God in Arabic.

Tony here is complaining about comments being modified. His comments stand as he wrote them. There is none in which he responded to the barbarity of sentencing people, 9 people to death for blasphemy. No. He takes issue only with what he thinks is an insult to his demigods and gods. He calls me sad and an excuse of a human being for pissing on Mo, who actually deserved to pissed on anyway. Here is a man, who if he lived, was shagging a 9-year-old, had no problem with killing those he thought did not agree with his teachings and had so much lust whenever he saw a woman he wanted to shag, an angel of the lord always appeared to confirm his choice. I make no apologies for pissing on your non-existent prophet. You can throw a tantrum all you want. Insulting me will get you nowhere. And I am not ignorant as you may think. Dispute among Islamic scholars- did Mo really exist? Did Mo exist? Scandal– a must read Did Mo exist?

Postscript: In the post I wrote the names of the stars were Greek or Roman. I have learnt from several comments they are actually Arabic.

Gibbon on Mohammed

[] From his earliest youth Mohammed was addicted to religious contemplation; each year during the month of Ramadan, he withdrew from the world and from the arms of Cadijah; in the cave of Hera, three miles from Mecca, he consulted the spirit of fraud or enthusiasm, whose abode is not in the heavens, but in the mind of the prophet. The faith which, under the name of Islam, he preached to his family and nation, is compounded of an eternal truth and a  necessary fiction, THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND THAT MOHAMMED IS THE APOSTLE OF GOD.[ emphasis mine]

The decline and fall pg 458

It is expected that he [Gibbon] being religious would say it is an eternal truth that there is only one god, but leaving that out, the rest of the passage is spot on.

You heathens, time is now to convert to Islam

Friends, if, the resident muslim apologist on my blog, Paarsurrey is to be believed, then it is inhuman to ridicule ideas people believe in and you are not a true humanist. These beliefs are, but not limited to, believing that there is a god, and that this god chose one dumb fellow to reveal to his word, in Arabic, the dumb fellow then got some idle typist to listen to his rambling and together they compiled a holy[sic] book.

He wants, you and me, to believe, as his responses to this post, suggest, that Islam is submission to god with reason. Yes, you read that clearly.  What reason, apart from being born in a certain geographical area, to believing parents and being too lazy to inquire or not being exposed to contrary ideas would one have for submitting to god?

Our apologist is a kindly gentleman who also wants us to believe there is nowhere in the koran where ghosts, phantoms etc are mentioned. First as a matter of clarification, gods, ghosts, angels, genii, satan and whatever other spiritual being you can think are phantoms, creations of the mind and are words without meaning to say the least and as such I can use them interchangeably.  So paarsurrey, saying one true god, several times in response to me doesn’t promote your phantom to reality, it remains in the same close of beings that are products of ignorance and fear.

He also want us to believe that there is nothing in the Koran that warrants enslavement of another. A look at Surat 8 will dissuade anyone of such a notion for in every  few verses, all we get is admonitions on how to subdue the unbelievers and this is with the support of Allah. Unless, therefore this gentleman has a different version of the Koran and lives in a cave, alone, with internet access, he is guilty of lying with a straight face!

In verse 8: 52, we are told

[Theirs is] like the custom of the people of Pharaoh and of those before them. They disbelieved in the signs of Allah , so Allah seized them for their sins. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and severe in penalty.

which apart from being a reference to the pharaoh story of the OT, shows not a loving god but a vindictive. Our apologist can tell himself several times over that his, is a religion of peace, if that makes him happy, but the truth is far from that. He has also informed us that he believes wholly and religiously in the Koran making him a fundamentalist to the core, albeit one who appears is not ready to go on the rampage because a cartoon of the prophet[piss be on him] has been printed somewhere on the globe.

In order not to make this post longer than it is already is, I ask you friends to weigh in and help the brother, for I truly think, he needs our help. I also urge you not to call him names, he says, it is lack of reason to use ridicule and inhuman to insult people 😛