Do these people read?

I mean the SoMs and Insanity of this world? How else is such ignorance justified in the world with the internet?

They should have come across this quote misattributed to that great ruler, Marcus Aurelius. 

Those who can stand the nonsense Insanity and SoM write daily do a great service to humanity. Maybe someday Violetwisp will bring them closer to the 20th century in thought. They are stuck in the 8th or 9th century.

On contentment

Plutarch says Plato compared human life to a game at dice. He advises we ought to throw according to our requirements, and, having thrown, to make the best use of whatever turns up.

It is not in our power indeed to determine what the throw will be, but it is our part, if we are wise, to accept in a right spirit whatever fortune sends, and so contrive matters that we wish should do us most good, and what we do not wish should do us least harm.

On assisted dying

Recently I was reading an article on physician assisted dying becoming legal in California from June.

While one can easily dismiss any religious objections, for example, by telling Christians their lawd committed suicide by the centurion, other objections such as slippery slope arguments have been tackled by many proponents of the legislation.

Here is one objection that does not make any sense

Life is a terminal disease because all of us are going to die. Thus, by this logic the state of California should build in every district a suicide chamber with a professional assistant where everybody could easily committ a suicide without troubling the society.
Sorry for my cynism but I look with pity at the deterioration of Western civilization…

On life

The pessimist Arthur Schopenhauer says this about life is then well said that life should be, from one end to the other, only a lesson; to which, however, any one might reply: for this very reason I wish I had been left in the peace of the all sufficient nothing, where I would have had no need of lessons or anything else.

He continues, I guess, as a response to those who claim life is a gift

For human existence, far from being a gift, has entirely the character of a debt that has been contracted. The calling in of this debt appears in the form of the pressing wants, tormenting desires, and endless misery established through this existence. As a rule, the whole lifetime is devoted to the paying off of this debt; but this only meets the interest. The payment of the capital takes place through death. And when was this debt contracted?  At the begetting.

I am tempted to agree with him.