Just for laughs

Once in a while, we have to bring you stuff just for your entertainment. If you haven’t watched this movie, go out and watch it. We promise you’ll have a good laugh.


The act of killing

A documentary based on true events that happened in Indonesia from 1965-66 where unknown number of people were killed on suspicion of being communists or communist sympathizers, businessmen were extorted or killed if they didn’t dole out the money that was required. The men who were at the head of the killing gang, narrate how they carried out the murders and how they live with themselves now.

This documentary sent a chill down my spine. It is atrocious and appalling the levels some members of the human race can go to exterminate their brethren for believing differently. Sad still is they pray to their god to help them in this senseless murders. Somebody kill me now!

The Magdalene sisters

Many times when I post movies here, they are usually meant to entertain, educate and to help you relax. Today I am going to post a movie that is going to disgust you. If, however, at the end of the movie you don’t feel disgust, you ought to check in with your shrink, there is likely to be a neuron that has misfired in your brain.

Robert Nielsen has written a detailed post on these laundries that can only be described as the places where man treated his fellow man worse than he would treat his beast of burden. The ladies were humiliated, their dignity trumpled on to an extent they were made to feel like lesser persons.

The universe does not need a creator

In this last feature, I present his argument against the creation of the universe. Many theists are wont to ask, if there are no gods then where does the universe come from. I have without resorting to cosmology and astronomy argued that what exists necessarily does not need to be created and matter being thus did not have to be created. I cannot imagine the annihilation of matter leave alone it’s creation. This being the case, an immaterial god who is said to leave outside of time and space[William Craig please explain what you mean here] couldn’t have been the cause of all causes[our natural universe].

I have included a video by world renown cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, which I hope you will find both informative and entertaining.

Our philosopher had this to say

They tell us gravely that there is no effect without a cause; they repeat to us very often that the world did not create itself. But the universe is a cause, not an effect; it is not a work, has not been made, because it was impossible that it should be made. The world has always been, its existence is necessary. It is the cause of itself. Nature, whose essence is visibly acting and producing, in order to fulfill her functions, as we see she does, needs no invisible motor far more unknown than herself. Matter moves by its own energy, by the necessary result of its heterogeneity; the diversity of its movements or of its ways of acting, constitute only the diversity of substances; we distinguish one being from another but by the diversity of the impressions or movements which they communicate to our organs.

Jean Meslier