Random photos

somewhere in Turkana

this speaks for itself

i don’t whether it is the mountain in the background or the architecture in the foreground i find most attractive

turkana architecture

the majestic lake turkana

wind project somewhere in turkana

somewhere in nbi

a veeery distant cousin on guard duty

football pitch where someone works

an uncle who failed in parking lessons


when Mak goes fishing

trying to find the boat with the right lake spirit. You don’t just go fishing in any boat!

Mombasa has moved to its new location in Siaya

the river has a navel

it was a calm night

it was a calm moonlit night

if the people can’t go to the beach, the beach can come to them and this happened in Siaya County

when Mak is an aerial photographer

The photos were taken using my phone from an elevation of between 100-150m

This is called deforestation for

The light aircraft yours truly was chauffeured around in

more signs of deforestation

an aerial view of Nairobi is not complete without a picture of the site for slum tourism justaposed with highrise development

these farms can only be appreciated while airborne

some of you didn’t go to good schools and don’t have an idea what a fault line looks like. Here is me doing community service



Mak in the fish market

Perfume: The story of a murderer is one of my all time favorites.

The being born scene is both interesting and disgusting. You almost feel the stench coming from the fish market. It is the one place in the whole of Paris that one wouldn’t want to be

So today, yours truly was at the fish market and brings you the very best of the market without the stench of course. You can all remove your fingers from your noses.

First, a video

Buying fish in Nbi has become a professional job, what with all the Chinese fish that I hear taste like boiled leather

One must confirm the fish you are getting weighs just right

In my younger days, some idiots said if you wanted to hide something from a Kenyan, put it in a book. Well, try me. Put some dollars

Office block by yours truly

I think the owners are renting

Our power company can do a better job with power distribution