Hiking trails

When you have the itch to talk to a buffalo, call these numbers

Stairway to hell, I think

No, I didn’t go round the rim

Hell looks like this

Kit mikayi

Rock formations in Kisumu county. The guide told us they get the name from the man who first settled here, Ngeche, since he preferred the quiet of the rocks to the company of the first wife. So the rocks became the first wife.

First wife’s rock

Resting place

Rocky garden

Ka mama

The abode of the gods

His peacefulness Malkia Simeo Ondeto

Small store

marvels of engineering wastefulness

I am all for pedestrians have safe footbridges across busy road sections. But this is one of those occasions I would use the road to cross the footbridge. It does look like a monumental waste of resources. Speed bumps, in my view would solve the problem for this small market centre.

This is an over kill

Where you live, do you pay to use the toilets? It is important that you do. You see that money has many uses.

Cost sharing for better services

And finally, good and clean toilets are key to nation building. Who knew?

Clean toilets for national success