to Bosaso

view to the dock. i can only think this portion of ocean is deep though it’s a protected beach coz the waves are quite gentle

gates. i love gates for the opportunities they hold or open up to

bosaso skyline overlooking the port

deep blue sky or is that the dome of the firmament

one side of bosaso international airport

the other side of the airport


of arches and ruins

women’s court
where women get the short end of the stick

men’s court
men giving da women the short end of the stick from the beginning of time

that baobab tree is humongous

and a buffalo spider

symbiotic relationship

mangrove forest

green island, somewhere in the Indian ocean

this boardwalk is not for the fainthearted

snake fish. they told me it bites

i think the driver of this lorry decided to drive through the forest

for face to face with god, this is your church

i like this tree wall relationship

i love arches

there were these several water wells

i couldn’t tell what these niches in the mosque were for

the forest is a good place

the walling in the ruins was quite well done.

from Kisumu with love

This past weekend I had work in Kisumu and ended up in the village to count my chicken and wash their feet. I am happy to report the chicken looked happy, healthy and now have clean feet after all the work I did.

The last one week has seen a crackdown on private taxis (public transport) requiring them to meet some basic safety and institutional standards which in effect has meant that there are few matatus on the roads. This combined with high fuel prices following a recent imposition of a 8% tax on fuel has seen fares in my village go up 50%. Where formerly we paid about 3.35 sh per kilometre, the transport authority approved a 5 sh per kilometre rate. I see a situation where we will go back to walking or using donkeys for long distance travel.

In other news, there was this young woman whom we shared with a seat this afternoon and she had very interesting stories. First she belongs to Legio Maria church and was dressed in the recommended church wear of yellow, from head to toe. But this is not the interesting part. She told me the spirit, do give her a screen of what others were saying about her, on demand. I was not in the mood to question her beliefs so I let a great opportunity pass and besides I was tired.

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