Random pictures

60 years after independence, the government hasn’t managed to guarantee access to safe drinking water.
Well, I don’t know why I like this photo
Who wanna go for a ride
Bike for hire
Bon mots
Twendeni 🎣
The barrister here sold me a drink in a hammer and got Me hammered
You must pay at the gate before you get in.

Hiking trip

Clear blue sky
Views from the top are amazing, getting there is another matter
Sunrise from the summit
Surface of the mountain
Your regular host at the summit
Just before daybreak
5 star accommodation at Shipton camp, elevation 4200m asl
This plant stores its water
These birds have evolved to survive the cold mountain climate. They are also quite friendly/ docile. There are not many predators, if any.
This is before I was tired
Penis envy anyone?
Reflection of the footbridge
Where it all began