no braining Wednesday

One of the interesting things i have discovered during my morning runs, especially the days when I have long runs is how challenging it is to map out 15K and above. I could do a route on any one of the apps that I use in advance but then where is the joy in being random and approximating distance by feel and of course I have a smartwatch that provides aid with the distance covered. Or maybe I should get a team mate who is slightly faster than I to make this long run short.

And talking of running, I feel very proud of myself. My first specific running shoes have told me they have done their duty and need a change but because the feet have got so used to them, I will do an additional 117km in them as i plan a replacement. Maybe that will be a good reward for myself for having surprised myself with running that much. I think i have mentioned it elsewhere, if you asked me at the beginning of 2020 if I could run, I would have laughed you out of the room. Now look at me, clocking 45km weekly and hopefully it will get to 60 or 80km per week.

Have a good week everyone.

run, hike, hike and run some more

that’s the story of my weekend. rather, that is the story from Friday till yesterday. And since I can still feel my legs and there seems to be no part of the body that is extremely painful or sore, there is room to push it a little more. But I don’t want to tell you the story of how i got lost trying to find Shamata gate or how I found this trio who gave up on the hike after doing 3.5km or my friend who could not keep his feet on the ground. So maybe these photos will cover the stories i am unable to tell.

Happy week everyone.