on the housing levy

by the thieving UhuRuto government.

Housing can be looked at as a process and a product. And there are local and international instruments that underscore the right to housing as a fundamental right. For example Article 43 (1)b of the Constitution of Kenya provides specifically that every Kenyan has a right to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation.

There are philosophies around housing provision viz: welfare (social housing) approach and market approach.

Habitat for Humanity notes the housing deficit in Kenya stands at 2 million and continues to grow at a rate of 200K per year.

Now that you know what housing is (this is where you say thank you Mak) and what the law says. The drafters of the constitution added this section

Article 21 (2) states The State shall take legislative, policy and other measures, including the setting of standards, to achieve the progressive realisation of the rights guaranteed under Article 43.

and while I am no lawyer, it is my belief that the government is riding on this provision to implement a housing levy in the pretext of financing housing ( I have learnt this is not the case. The stupid people in government are relying on HousingAct17of1953 (1) (pdf)! in developing these regulations). In the context of (local) economic development, this levy would be viewed as a method of capital formation. But having said so, I think it would only make sense if the government reduced massive leaks through corruption, was transparent in how it spends our money, reduced its expenditure among others. Short of the above, it does seem this government is only keen in increasing the money available to be stolen.

My countrymen and women are not amused especially if one were to check the #resisthousingfundlevy which, yours truly believes, is a flopped resistance.

But I digress.

We, the tax payers have genuine reasons to protest this levy. And it should not be construed by those in government or their mouthpieces that we have abandoned our right to adequate housing, far from it. There is good reason that this state capture by the Kenyatta family enterprise. If a government were to win a trophy for sleaze, this regime would take first place and first runners-up. It has made promises from irrigation to school laptops and failed miserably at it. It promised to house police in decent housing and has failed to do so. It is inconceivable that in the two years it has left in office that it could build 500K units. My professor makes the following observations and here where he argues among other things that the regulations are not properly thought out.

In my view, given the current economic circumstances many working people find themselves in as a result of the bad policies and habits of this government, this levy is an ill-conceived idea that should not have been left to see the light of day. While public participation in required by law, our government does not take a robust approach to meeting this requirement. It is not lost to us that the ICC duo treat the citizens with disdain and not surprising that government approach to the citizens is that of antagonism, and threats of violence.

It is time we collectively rise and send them home. We cannot be slaves to the constitution in the face of despotism waiting for the term of the government to collapse to try to do something. The time to do anything is now.


Is income inequality good for you?

Well, according to this,

…… countries that have higher inequality between those groups tend to have higher living standards for the middle class and the poor. I would not assert strongly that that is a causal relationship. But it is not what you would expect to find if inequality was bad for growth.

why is Africa poor

Or better still, how did/ does Europe underdevelop Africa?

Before some of you start throwing stones, I have only reframed this question from quora

Why are some former British colonies like Canada and Australia well off while former colonies in Africa are poor?

Well, they are white and Africa is black/ brown. Look at India & North America. Same thing. They are brown.

Africa did not industrialize but remained a next importer of produced goods, whose prices fluctuate depending on the weather and this is bad in the long term.

Africa’s produce is exported as raw material and sold back at very high prices.

When many African countries got independence 50-60 years ago, thieves, idiots and collaborators took the reigns of power and then their sons. Where anti-imperialists took over, they were summarily killed with help from the West.

Did I already say trade agreements that are unfavourable to Africa. Now I have said it.

Then there is that World Bank program of the 1980s- Structural Adjustment Programs that did finally mess a struggling continent.

The education the first generation of African leaders received was as clerks or worse- i mean clergy, for example. No philosopher kings, no science degrees and this coupled with European admins who were misfits at home or had failed at anything they tried to do.

Well, there are many other reasons that have been put forth but these are the ones that come to me easily.

how long will we survive this government?

As I have said elsewhere, the worst that can happen to a collective, say, a nation-state is to have leaders who are incompetent, clueless, murderous and rent seeking. The Jubilee administration is all the above and worse. It’s a government whose officials have taken a vow to plunder the country till it goes bust.

How, for example, do you explain aviation fuel with 5 million dollars disappearing into thin air? And that is the least of their crimes. We cannot tell the extent of the grand larceny that is taking place within this government. It will take ages and a different regime to uncover the theft that these thieves have gotten away with since 2013, though this, too, is only a dream. The same wolves are busy positioning themselves to stay at the helm to either continue stealing or to make sure they are not prosecuted or both.

In this day, we have our countrymen and women dying from starvation while those responsible are busy stealing public funds. To imagine people in Baringo, from where Moi, who ruled for 24 years die of hunger is evidence of the moral bankruptcy of our leaders. How bereft of ideas they are and of course, how useless.

As Ndii has opined, I think the level of graft, no, theft this government has committed against is qualifies to be called crimes against humanity.

Maybe, this post that I wrote a while ago is still relevant.

How do you sue an airline

This is the question I have asked myself since morning. I have turned it around my head many times it is now tender. And can that charge sheet include lost sleep, loss of business, time wasted, emotional trauma and all? You see, I had a reservation for Mogadishu on Fly Ade scheduled to leave Nairobi at 6:40am. Since I live 40minutes, on a good day, away from the airport, I had to wake up early and all. These fellows cancelled the flight after 7 and without notice. I called our travel agent who didn’t know or if they knew, it must have been while I was at the airport. Maybe I should enjoin them in the case. The only question I have for them is what did they know, when did they know and what did they do with it. SB, the ball is on your court.

In a different story, I got to reflecting how dignitaries those who move around in a convoy of cars with outriders and chase cars feel. You see I was in this situation where I am in a armoured car, with armed outrider and chase car cruising fast through the streets of Mogadishu and I am asking myself whether I feel more safe that way or would it be much better if I were in a nondescript car without guards? My preference is obviously for anonymity whenever it is possible. I know this is strange since this blog is a contradiction to my preferring anonymity. Life is what it is, so they say.

In still a different story, I have been reflecting on the negative effects of armed conflict and looking at the state of the city of Mogadishu. Humanity must find a way to resolve its problems without resorting to war. 25 years of civil war is bad. It will take lots of work to have a working government in this place.

In unrelated news, I am reading a book on the assassination of Martin Luther King and the cover up is beyond shocking.

Related to the unrelated news is the situation in Venezuela which seems as a calculated attempt by some countries to overthrow a legitimate government. But this is a story for later, though one could read this and this.

Tragedy Nigeria edition

In the 18th Brumaire of Karl Marx where he treats of Napoleon, he writes history repeats itself first as tragedy, the second time as farce. Nothing can be truer than what is happening in Nigeria. A few years ago, they elected Buhari to be their president. This wouldn’t be so bad if he was a newcomer to the throne, but hell no, this guy had been a military dictator before and among the things he couldn’t deal with was endemic corruption. I don’t know what he could have told them to get him votes, but that’s history.

History is about to repeat itself this weekend in the same person of Buhari if he should win the elections.

I hope these guys will do the right thing and send their high commissioner to the UK packing (I hear he spends most of his time in the UK) and get themselves another pretender.