Customer service week rant

This week has been customer service week in this godforsaken country of ours. And it is this week that the company that provides me with voice and data services-Airtel saw it fit to steal my airtime.

I would move to their competition- Safaricom but the word on the street is they have grown to be a giant by stealing from their subscribers. So I will for the time being stick with Airtel who are learning to steal than go to the giant thief.

If however some genius can come up with a way to communicate that does not involve these giants and is not smoke signals or banana fibre, call me.

Postscript: they have finally corrected the anomaly


Sarcasms that the world has known

In 1915 while Europe was engaged in a tribal war, butchering each other, some of their citizens put to paper what I can only call sarcasms.

They wrote

[]It is the right of a people to rule themselves. And he who violates shall be the enemy of all.

Others had this declaration as a sacred principle

No province shall be transferred from one government to another without the consent by plebiscite of the population of such province.

Even though they were non state actors, I can only think that in referring to populations, they did not refer to Africans, Asians or any other group of people under colonial domination.

who is the person of culture?

Romain Rolland says

the true man of culture is not he who makes of himself and his ideal the centre of the universe, but who looking around him sees, as in the sky, the stream of the Milky Way, thousands of little flames which flow with his own; and who seeks neither to absorb them nor to impose upon them his own course, but to give himself the religious persuasion of their value and of the common source of the fire by which all alike are fed.


On war or insanity

In Above Battle, Romain Rolland writes a very insightful passage that, in my view still explains partly why men and women go to war.

You Christians will say that war exalts the virtue of sacrifice. And it is true that war has the privilege of bringing out the genius of the race in the most commonplace of hearts. It purges away, in its bath of blood, all dross and impurity; it tempers the metal of the soul of a niggardly peasant, of a timorous citizen; it can make a hero of Valmy.

Jean Messlier

For the regular visitors to this spot, Jean Messlier is not a strange name.

For those who have not met him, Onfray Michel argues he is the first atheist of our times.

And we must judge Voltaire harshly for the great disservice he did to our great priest.

If you can find a copy of the The Testament of Jean Messlier, buy it. You will not regret it.

While Karl Marx and Engels are usually recognised as articulating communism and calling the for the abolition of private property, Messlier was way ahead of them.

Below is a short clip I stumbled upon on Messlier. Hope you like it.

Is Google a company for good?

If Assange is to be believed, and here I am inclined to believe him, it is not.

Google represents American imperialism like no other. It is the biggest surveillance company. It is almost everywhere.

If you use an android phone, google knows where you are every fucking moment even if you opt out of locations & turn your data off.

Assange argues there is so much government in Google & this is not a good thing.

It’s a giant monopoly and a dangerous one at that.

He writes

Google will interpose itself, and hence the United states government, between the communications of every human being not in China. Commodities just become more marvelous; young, urban professionals sleep, work and shop with greater ease and comfort; democracy is insidiously subverted by technologies of surveillance and control; and our present world order of systematized domination, intimidation and oppression continues, unmentioned, unafflicted or only faintly perturbed.