How do you dress?

In this article, people it seems take different approaches to getting dressed. For me, I wake up, look into the wardrobe, get a shirt and find a trouser to go with it. Chose a pair of socks. Ask myself what shoe will it be and I am off.

But when you think of it. I keep to almost the same theme. Thursday and Friday- casual. Monday to Wednesday official wear. Saturday bike gear. Sunday easy wear.

Tell us, how much effort do you put in dressing up in the morning? Are you the type that plans your clothes a day in advance? Or the random type like yours truly?

It has occurred to me

That the adage if you want to go fast go alone and if you want to go farther, then go as a group is mostly false. With me as the test subject and other observations, I can demonstrate my point.

Take the case of the g.o.a.t of marathon running, Eliud Kip, he would not be as fast without his team of pace setters. These men keep him pushing harder and farther.

Compared with your average cyclist, I ride long distances and relatively fast. Some of my PRs have been set when I am alone ( my fastest 40km, my longest ride) but over segments, some were only possible because we were in a group of equally fast riders.

When I ran my last half marathon ( I think I picked up an injury during or after) I was able to run fast simply because there were others with me running equally fast.

The second random thought is man is never ever free from conception to the grave. In the womb he is tied to the mother physically and physiologically. Once born, she is tied to culture in which she finds herself in with its many variations. And so I say again, as it appears elsewhere on this blog, that JJ Rousseau was wrong when he said man is born free but is everywhere in chains. Man cannot escape the chains. He can however modify or better still challenge the chains that hold him/her.

Finally, I have seen on a blog or two a suggestion that to end the furore over tansgender folk, we should simply let people identify as they please in terms of race and gender but grant no advantage to any specific group, simply end the victim hood Olympics. Now, I think one important question that we should all be asking is why is woman contested? Related to it, is racialism and especially between so called white n black in most societies? In short, there are two ways of being that are really contested: being woman/ female and being black.

Have a thoughtful Saturday, won’t you?

What this blog is about

If you have followed this blog for long you will notice a recurrent theme, addressing religion. I believe if we can address the contradictions and some of the doubtful claims of religion, we can be on a path to addressing ignorance in our world. Some of the beliefs people hold, like being visited by ghosts, are only possible because they have similar such beliefs in religion.

For example, you should question why your religion can convince you that it’s pious to fast during the day and binge eat at night, or avoid eating some food on Friday but eat it all the other days. Your religious teacher has convinced you that the god you worship is everywhere but you need to, even if poor, to build an extravagant place of worship where this good lord will hear your prayers more.

The worst form of a decadence must be the belief that your god is pleased when a person is killed for blasphemy. A young woman has lost her life in Nigeria because her righteous classmates acting on behalf of the prophet, first stoned her then burnt her to death for what? Saying some not nice things about the prophet.

Elsewhere, it seems The google is helping end religion, one old lady at a time.

I don’t write on alien abduction not because it is not off the rails, but because it is such a North American problem that makes no sense in my village.

If there is some absurd belief you think i should write on, perhaps just start it as a niche project. Life is short. Time, what is it even. And interests are many.

Have a pleasant week.

In Volney’s

The ruins, he argues all the torments of man can be tied to two things: ignorance and cupidity. It is these two that have led men to break his relation to nature, made the world a theatre of blood, discord and rapine.

This reminds me of this post I wrote 3 years ago on a related topic. In it, the main character tells us the three sources of evil is discrimination, poverty and ignorance. It seems to me we can reclassify discrimination and poverty under cupidity.

We seem to be on a course to make the earth inhabitable for future generations or if not through environmental disaster to kill each other in endless wars or pandemics. The solution, again to these problems can only be found in self-love.

Sterile labors! How many millions lost in putting one stone upon another, under the forms of temples and churches!

Volley, The Ruins

Some questions

It’s a long weekend this side of the ocean. Yesterday we had state funeral for the ex president, monday will be May Day celebrations and Tuesday Idd. If you ask me, work weeks should be this short. I get to run, ride, walk, read and just be lazy. But these are not the questions.

First question: should we judge the moral flaws of the past with the standards of today? Many a person have been cancelled for the thoughts or opinion held when that was current in their time? Or should we expect our icons to have held the correct views through the ages?

Question 2: how will the war in Ukraine end? NATO is arming Ukraine but not doing any actual fighting. What, to Russians was reported as police action (if the media is to be believed) has now been going on for 2 months with loss of lives on both sides and destruction of property in Ukraine. The effects of this absurdity are being felt all over & acutely in my neck of woods. Is there a way for Putin to save face, end this war?

Question 3: are you aware the war in Syria has been raging for more than 6 years? That there is a war in Ethiopia? Or Yemenis are dying in conflict not of their own making?

Bonus question: to cremate or to bury the dead.

Kibaki, our third president is dead

And while most mediaoutlets are on about how he was the greatest after sliced bread and thermos flask, i am not boarding this train. If there was ever a man who had been given an opportunity to be great and squandered it, here lies on such man.

So, on the positive side, during his tenure, there was increased government spending that enabled the private sector, in many sectors of the economy, to prosper. The economy was on a positive trajectory in his first term but by the end of the second term, it was on a downward trajectory from where, following the mismanagement by the Hague duo, it hasn’t recovered.

He squandered the opportunity to steer the country away from nepotism by forming an inclusive government following the mandate he had been given by the people, instead, he filled the government with cronies and his Makerere associates.

He squandered an opportunity to address theft of public funds from the top by making it impossible for his anticorruption tzar to work. Instead he rewarded those who had been accused of wrongdoing.

By stealing elections and swearing himself in at night, he precipidated a breakdown in law and order leading to violence that exceeded previous clashes that were said to have government support in Moi error era of government terror.

He squandered an opportunity to see the rebirth of the nation, in his first term, through the birthing of a new constitution, instead, we recall the extra judicial murder of Dr. Mbai and many others whose deaths were not solved and will never be solved.

I will come back here to continue to remind ourselves of the failures of his regime.

On Musk and twitter

Over the last few days, since Elon Musk first bought majority shares and then offered to buy twitter, there has been quite a storm on the Web on the issue. Among the issues raised is what it means to free speech, and then of course, it is seen as one of the ills of capitalism.

On the second issue, we can all agree that extreme economic disparities that exist today in our societies is inimical to democracy. A society where so few are so rich or so many so poor cannot be democratic. Stopping Musk from buying twitter doesn’t help with the issue of distribution of wealth.

The matter gets more interesting on the issue ot free speech. There are voices that say one man should not have the control of such a platform and so forth. That this would lead to restrictions on free speech. From what Musk has proposed such as transparency in algorithms among others, I don’t see how this is going to be a problem. That he will give free reign to right wingers is to me not a big problem. One can always curate what they don’t want to hear.

Still on the matter of an individual owning such a platform, most mainstream media is owned and controlled by a very small number of individuals or corporations that have made it possible for them to manufacture consent. So really, as long as twitter allows anyone with a cellphone to post their bytes, does it matter who owns it?

But maybe I am missing something critical on this matter given I am not a twitter user.