Government in crisis: reblog

By Adam Przeworski – Democratic governments have implemented measures similar to those by autocracies in response to the pandemic. Are these value trade-offs temporary experiments, or will they be here to stay?

COVID-19 reveals the fragility of our values

Give me liberty or give me death appears, at these times that we live in to be an aberration. Billions have chosen life.

Hunger or Covid19? That’s the million dollar question for the daily wage earners.

Governments in crisis

Most of the posts on Covid19 I have read are either about the dead, the economic impacts of the control measures or those questioning the rationale of the restrictions put in many places around the world.

The authors of this post look at a different dimension, but still important in the covid19 pandemic- governance. Do you think your leaders were deluding themselves- take the case of Magafuli who has said Tanzanians should continue going to church as they can’t get the virus there- or manipulating the populace- think China and claims of censorship?

Who becomes a police officer or a soldier?

I am most definitely biased against soldiers and I have a general dislike for police officers. Just to be clear I have cop friends but I think their training (especially here in Kenya) makes them inhuman.

1. They join because they are broke

2. They join because they want adventure

3. They are out of options( have no better job prospects)

4. Are children of higher ups somewhere and have been enlisted because of who they know

5. A false belief that soldiers are heroes

6. Come from a family of soldiers

Did I leave something out?

This month I have been busy

Rides this month.

While on the one hand the stay at home orders have had its toll on me, economy wise, I have put that much time to good use. This month alone I have covered more distance on the bike than I covered the whole of last year and since we are to stay home till June, I might just hit 1500km for May. For me, that will be no mean achievement.

I feel like I have improved a bit on my riding. And I have managed to fall embarrassingly because I forgot to unclip my shoes.

And maybe I should buy sunscreen.

It does seem Jeff’s plan for gas chambers has support in the supreme Court

In 1927 Justice Oliver W Holmes wrote

It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind

Oliver Holmes, US Supreme Court

Vote for Jeff for a world without imbeciles, the weak, the poor & of course degenerate criminals.

Happy Sunday everyone.


I don’t watch a lot of television & mostly it is restricted to movies or cartoons of one sort or another and sometimes music. I hardly ever buy newspapers so it means I am hardly inundated with ads. But I know this is not so for many people.

The question then is, do we need advertising? Would the world be any poorer if advertising was to be outlawed or whatever you call it?

I, for one, think we can do without ads. Most often than not, they create a need where there was none.

I know one response to my objection above is to not let oneself be persuaded to buy or do what you didn’t plan. It’s a good one, I admit and works for me 98% of the time. But it must be said that if ads didn’t work, companies wouldn’t spend millions of their revenue in them.

Ads just like a new religion are things if you ask a society can as well do without and function optimally.

what if

there is no vaccine for covid19? it is a possibility you know. decades later we have no vaccine for AIDS, dengue fever & you need flu shots almost yearly. what will the world look like? what restrictions will have in place for a world with covid19 but no vaccine?