I know some of you have been having doubts

on whether you would die too, like the rest of us. Science has the answer for you. Yes, you will die. Death is inevitable. The matter can now be laid to rest, no pun intended. Reading that attached article, I like how they begin

Human death is inevitable. No matter how many vitamins we take, how healthy our environment is or how much we exercise, we will eventually age and die,

Fernando Colchero.

Who had doubts about this? I have a bridge I am selling.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, go read the paper. You will love it.


I don’t like the voice of the vlogger but I agree with what he says in the first part of the video. Could we be provided with a manual for separating what is factual against what is metaphorical in the good book.

random things

It seems the Fed gov has heard Jill’s laments about voter suppression laws being enacted in many places in the U of SA and has finally spoken. Let’s see how this ends. I hear in some states it is easier to buy a gun than cast a vote. Maybe those legislators are sending a message.

I finally watched Forrest Gump. Has there been any person dumber than Forrest, Forrest Gump? I wish I could run as much as he does though. He could run away from problems, run for honour and basically just run. the most interesting part is where a group of lost souls are running behind him and then when he stops, they all fall silent thinking he is about to say something great only to say he is very tired, he wants to go home. At that point, I saw how easy it is to start a cult.

On names

Recently I watched a very interesting short clip on names. I can’t find it now though but I am sure it’s somewhere on YouTube. The basic argument in that clip is that we have two names or more for administrative purposes. Otherwise we would just be Makagutu of Asembo. Do you think this is true?

The second argument, not made by him but that I have seen elsewhere and I kinda agree with is Christian or Arabic names given to those colonised by these powers is a form of colonialism. And with long lasting effects. Many times I have been asked what’s my English name when it is obvious I am not English. Sometimes the question is what is your Christian name? It looks like we are limited to either an English name or a Christian one which is more often than not a dead character somewhere.

It seems the process of changing one’s name in this country is harder than changing sex in the west where from most I have read, feeling in the depth of your heart is sufficient for a dude to claim female status.

What’s in a name, though?

Your god is too small

I have taken leave from braining at the moment. So it is just light interesting stuff we will be talking about. First I need to see an orthopaedic. My butt hurts when I run and I used Dr Google where I learned there is such a syndrome. I will tell you how it goes.

There has been a fellow commenting here recently encouraging us to find his dead god or else we will lose everything when we die. Then it occurred to me that the Abrahamic gods are too small (there is a book by the same title as this post btw).

Imagine you are the Head honcho of a village, the only village that is known by everyone and you had the chance to dictate laws, why da soup would you start by saying I am the only honcho? Why are you so insecure? In my village we say the moment you have to declare your kingship, legitimacy is a problem. And so it is with this god.

And this is why I think Nietzsche was right in his observation that the other gods laughed themselves to death when one of them declared she alone is god.

Talking of he she, I am confused. Are there vegans who eat meat? Or teetotaler who drinks alcohol?

Ni hayo machache tu kwa sasa. Tuonane tena baadaye.

Rights to have rights

Hannah Arendt wrote this in one of her journals and there have been critical works written on this subject. Why are we talking about rights today? There is that small matter of escalating violence between Israel and Palestine which from where I sit looks almost like a full scale war. There is however the disturbing question of the sovereignty of the Palestinian state. Of the 193 members of the UN only 178 recognize the State of Palestine. Had the rockets and bombs flying across the two borders between Israel and Palestine, been flying say between Europa and Oceania, there would be some sort of Int’l action, first for both sides to deescalate the violence and negotiate a ceasefire or something. When does the fighting stop?

Maybe some day the Israeli and Palestinians will come to an agreement that getting killed or killing over a mosque/ temple/ synagogue or trying to resolve land ownership granted by divine right through bombs is absurd. I mean, if one side thinks they were given the parcel of land by god, why not invoke the same god to make the boundaries clear so no more people have to die? This should be possible, no? But maybe this is being ambitious.

Maybe there should be a right not to be bombed. And it should apply to all; state actors, non-state actors and whoever has in their minds to drop bombs on civilian targets.

Meanwhile we watch as people die on both sides.

I think people got it all wrong

On who needs forgiveness. The Catholic Church require of its faithful regular confession so their sins can be absolved to give them enough room to sin again for the new week or whatever is the frequency of the confession but I think it is the Church that needs absolution and their god- if it cared to exist.

Stories such as Philomena or the Magdalene Laundries are shining examples of what the church did in Ireland. And also why it needs absolution. And why I am with Ivan when in Brothers Karomazov he says he will take his chances this side of the grave.

It’s a disgrace that such things happened & mothers are still trying to find their long lost children without success.