On creation out of time and space

You said, “A wise one created us “;

That may be true, we would agree.

“Outside of time and space,” you postulated.

Then why not say at once that you

Propound a mystery immense

Which tells us of our lack of sense?

Al Ma’arri

Al Ma’arri along with Al Rawandi (?) Are among some of the greatest Arab skeptics and poets who scandalized the Arabs through their open disdain for religion, and superstition, and especially for Islam.

One wishes they had carried the day.

On a very light note

In the recent past, subscriptions to this humble blog have spiked quite a bit. I don’t know if the same has happened to the views. We will not check for we don’t like disappointments. To welcome all the new subscribers and to remind all the old subscribers that you all are cherished, I will share a poem by Abu al-Ala al-Maarri (this is where you search who he was :-)]

Lo! There are many ways and many traps

And many guides, and which of them is Lord?

For verily Mahomet has the sword

And he may have the truth-perhaps! Perhaps!

Now this religion happens to prevail

Until by that religion overthrown, –

Because men dare not live with men alone

But always with another fairy tale


Religion is a charming girl, I say

But over  this poor threshold will not pass

For I may not unveil her, and alas!

The bridal gift I can’t afford to pay.

Happy weekend everyone.