I don’t watch a lot of television & mostly it is restricted to movies or cartoons of one sort or another and sometimes music. I hardly ever buy newspapers so it means I am hardly inundated with ads. But I know this is not so for many people.

The question then is, do we need advertising? Would the world be any poorer if advertising was to be outlawed or whatever you call it?

I, for one, think we can do without ads. Most often than not, they create a need where there was none.

I know one response to my objection above is to not let oneself be persuaded to buy or do what you didn’t plan. It’s a good one, I admit and works for me 98% of the time. But it must be said that if ads didn’t work, companies wouldn’t spend millions of their revenue in them.

Ads just like a new religion are things if you ask a society can as well do without and function optimally.

Who said sex sells

It seems they have been spreading half truths

The researchers looked at past experiments in which participants reported on their memory of, attitudes toward, and intentions to buy products after they were shown ads in print, billboards, posters, TV, or video that may have played elsewhere, like online. They found participants were more likely to remember ads that made sexual appeals than the ones that didnโ€™t. But that they were not more likely to remember the brands featured in the ads. The participants were also more likely to have a negative attitude towards the brands that used sex in their ads than those that didnโ€™t.