I met a coward

Who decided to delete my comments because I disagreed with him.

In my first comment I told him, I thought his argument was bad, regardless of his education. In my village those who call themselves Dr. are either medics or men and women who have shown their supervisors they have a mastery in a particular field. For fuck sake it is a Doctor of Philosophy! Logic should come with it.

The argument that because men have designed watches, the universe is designed but with one designer is a bad inference.

If one is going to argue that the universe has a designer because we have cars which have been designed, then this person must grant that the universe has had several designers to its current state. If they don’t grant this they are guilty of special pleading. Every watch is an improvement and work of many hands and if this is the inference we are going to use, then there have been many gods each improving the work of the previous god.