Atheism explained: From folly to philosophy

by David Ramsay Steele

I enjoyed reading this book. The arguments the author makes for Atheism are sound and shows the weaknesses with the arguments theists make to defend their belief in god[s].

He looks at the arguments for god’s existence, those he considers strong, and then in simple and precise arguments show how they are flawed.

I will lift just one quote from the book to show the clarity of his arguments and hope that this book will be read by Atheists and theists alike.

If belief in God’s existence makes you believe in eternal punishment for wrongdoing and thus gives you an incentive to behave better, and that means you can’t be properly tested for your moral rectitude, then thos e who do now believe in God’s existence can’t be properly tested for their moral rectitude . The good behavior of those who believe in
God must be devalued compared with the good behavior of those who disbelieve in God (with presumably those who
merely suspect there might be a God given an intermediate rating) . This means that the good behavior of atheists is
worth more than the good behavior of theists , which would be gratifying.