Question time

I am hoping that you, fine people, could help me answer some questions that I have. You can choose anyone question or answer all of them.

  1. What is art
  2. is art universal
  3. what is beauty
  4. is there a relationship between what is beautiful and what is good
  5. what is truth
  6. is there a relationship between what is good, beautiful and true
  7. in political discourse, what does left and right stand for
  8. in discussions of culture, what is cultural appropriation?

Is this not beautiful?

Let it not then be said, that it is degrading man to reduce his functions to a pure mechanism; that it is shameful to undervalue him, scandalously to abuse him, to compare him to a tree; to an abject vegetation. The philosopher devoid of prejudice does not understand this language, invented by those who are ignorant of what constitutes the true dignity of man.

A tree is an object, which in its station, joins the useful with the agreeable; it merits our approbation when it produces sweet and pleasant fruit; when it affords a favourable shade. All machines are precious, when they are truly useful, when they faithfully perform the functions for which they are designed.

Yes, I speak it with courage, reiterate it with pleasure, the honest man, when he has talents, when he possesses virtue, is, for the beings of his species, a tree that furnishes them with delicious fruit, that affords them refreshing shelter: the honest man is a machine of which the springs are adapted to fulfil its functions in a manner that must gratify the expectation of all his fellows. No, I should not blush. I should not feel degraded, to be a machine of this sort; and my heart would leap with joy, if I could foresee that the fruit of my reflections would one day be useful to my race, consoling to my fellow man.

System of Nature by d’Holdbach

Nature photos

I love elephants, terrestrial giants

what do you think of the rock formation?









Marvels of nature, what a beautiful world

A panther









when they say tall as a giraffe, this is what they mean 🙂










and there was a bear

i think this must be a funny looking wild dog









i love big cats, I could keep this for a pet

this must be a parrot









don’t you just love the scenery

simply beautiful









i don’t know what bird this is

when am not working