Genesis 46

Jacob Moves to Egypt

The last chapter ends with Jacob aka Israel ready to die now that he knows his son is alive just as in the NT Zechariah or someone like that will be ready to die when he sees the born messiah.

We have a total of 75 members of Jake’s aka Israel’s family c0me into Egypt. I will not repeat their names only to mention that somewhere along the road, [Beersheba, where Hagar earlier found water after being dismissed by Abe and the sacred shrine for Abe and Ike ],  the family patriarch developed cold feet and had to be encouraged by a visitation from El of his forefathers with a promise to take them out of Egypt at the right moment.

A point of note, is the patriarch’s household was doing very well and needed special land lease away from the Egyptians who saw every livestock as an abomination!  Why anyone would see livestock rearing as abominable passes me! As I have said before, you do not need much to see the folly in the biblical scribes and their source of inspiration! All you need is to objective, and critical and there you have it all staring at you.

Jacob goes to Egypt