reflections on blogging

Lately I don’t want to brain much so today I will just write on my blogging journey. I have been blogging here since August 2012. I have written on politics, religion, science topics, books i have read, posted videos, songs, photos of the places i have been to and all. And of late, I have made it a point to make sure some of you get tired by just reading about my runs or hikes or rides. Except Brian who rides much more than I do.

In the beginning, god debates used to interest me but not anymore. While I know I haven’t exhausted whatever arguments god botherers have designed to prop their god, I am unlikely to meet a new one that hasn’t been covered already in all the ones I have looked at.

And as I have said elsewhere, I have made friends online. Some have been around this blog from those early days, being critics, supporters and sometimes broadening my perspectives on different topics. Some we have lost. Some have gone to their maker. And some maybe have just disappeared in the thin air.

In the spirit of no braining, I want to repost one of the blogs from 2013. The passage below is from Atheism Explained by D.R. Steele

God cannot be destroyed. He can’t be injured against his will or made to suffer against his will, and he knows this. If this is true, then God can’t be afraid of anything. He has never known fear at first hand, though he may have known fear in his imagination, the way we know fear by watching a horror movie . But if God has never been fearful, then God has never been courageous . The virtue of courage consists in overcoming or disregarding or perhaps suppressing one’s fear or one’s inclination to fear. Bravery, then, is a virtue that God can never achieve .

The same applies to most o f the human virtues. Most virtues, like courage, involve self-control and therefore have no application to God, who experiences not the slightest flicker of appetites or impulses which might cause him to deviate from doing whatever he infallibly decides is best. God cannot be tempted, so he earns no points for resisting temptation. Nothing, to God, is an effort, so he can never become lazy or irresolute, and deserves no praise for being steadfast!
If God is all powerful and almighty, then God has never faced any onerous tasks, has never shouldered any burdens, has never had to give up one thing in order to get another ( except where the alternatives are logically incompatible ) , has never felt involuntary pain or even a twinge of discomfort or anxiety, has never had to make a difficult decision, has never solved an intellectual puzzle ( since he knows all the answers in advance ) . God has no curiosity, since he knows everything instantly, without making an effort to find out.

God has never had to work hard at anything, has never been surprised or disappointed. God has never had to make a choice, since that would presuppose at least a moment where he had not made up his mind. God can never be careful or considerate. God can never pay particular attention. God has never experienced, at first hand, the joy of understanding an elegant theorem or experiencing a great work of art. He has heard it all before.
Creation of anything by humans, for example creation of a song or a book, has its joys and its sorrows . But for God, the Creator of the universe, there could be no joy, or sorrow, or sense of accomplishment. He created the universe just by willing it and before he willed it, he knew how it was going to turn out. Aside from that, joy and sorrow are characteristics of evolved conscious beings with bodies, forever enmeshed in the struggle to survive and reproduce.
Such emotional flurries could have no place in the life of. an eternal, indestructible Supreme Being. Theists say that God is wholly good. This implies that he has never known at first hand malice, lust, greed, or envy. Furthermore, God, defined as God who is wholly good, is held to be necessary. If it’s necessary that God is wholly good, then God could never go even slightly bad, he could never start toying with a bit of shadiness here and there . So God can’t do anything even slightly evil . No credit is due to God for being good; he can’t help

Only a very few theists are prepared to say that God could choose to do evil, and it’s easy to see why. If God is free to do something evil, then he might, at any moment, do just that. Being all-good would then be revealed as not necessarily true of God : it must have been a mistake all along to think of it as necessarily true & a practical matter we could no longer depend on God to be good. How could we ever know that God had turned bad? What evidence might we find to give us an indication of any such turn of events? It does seem to be essential to the God concept that God is impotent to commit evil. Even mild naughtiness must be beyond his powers. We begin to wonder whether this entity can really be a person .

Have a good week everyone.

A tribute to old friends

and those we have lost along the way sort of.

as i was going to bed last night, it occurred to me there are bloggers who have disappeared from our lives quietly without a trace. What happened to them? I will just name a few that I can remember off head.

There was Jericho Brisbane and his beautiful wife. Does Nate still blog? And Victoria (Neuronotes) last Swarn (?) wrote about her, she was planning a move or something. Then there was Daniela of Lantern Post. One very lovely person from New Zealand (I miss her 😦 ). There is Holly, the other V and Silence of Mind- what happened to him? Did he get arrested or something? I never met a person so repulsive as he was. And then there was Emmy of unbuttonedorundone what happened to her? And where is Ruth? Sonel, her of great south African photos and sites (Ark is no match for hers 🙂 )

I still miss myatheistlife who left us too soon. He was such a brilliant young man.

Most of all, I miss archaeopteryx1 that old fossil who could not be persuaded to move his blog to wordpress even when the site that had been hosting it before was no longer active. This fossil was a kind man, sometimes acerbic and I know he could get into people’s nerves but he was the first person who I had lengthy conversations with once I started writing on this spot.

And finally, to the friends new and old who grace this humble spot, gracias.

I think I should schedule a post to report my demise, you know the way Moses writes of his death and burial in the bible. Something in that class.

Happy week everyone.

In other news, a friend shared this link with me this morning. The similarity with Christianity is unmistakable.


No, there is no announcement I am making.

I find it hard, almost 90% of the time, when I blog to choose the appropriate title for a blog post. There are times I have deleted posts because I couldn’t think of an appropriate title and I don’t want to use click bait. I still don’t know where this post is going but hopefully it turns out to be something.

Most of the time when people stay away from blogging, Shelldigger i am looking at you, on return they give a number of excuses I mean reasons for the haitus. These have varied from illness to ‘life’. Now, life is an interesting reason to give. I see this blog not just as an expression of my growth and change in opinions and beliefs since I began writing it 6 years ago but also as an opportunity to be not so anonymous. And here there is a contradiction; this blog is public. There is much on it about myself and on the other hand, I am trying to be as anonymous as I possibly can.

So it is not life that has come between me and visiting your blogs which is a major part of blogging but I have been quite busy with other things that has made it impossible to find the right amount of time to blog.

I don’t think socialist would best describe my view of economics. What I know is I anti-capitalist. If I could with ease be assured of a place to sleep, healthcare, education, I would blog and read daily. Don’t get me wrong: I love architecture. I don’t think it is a bullshit job if you think of the positive spaces we mould. But because architects also build spaces of exclusion like prisons and of brainwashing like churches, I am almoat certain, we would not be missed.

That said, I am convinced the world would be a better place if we abolished prisons and police forces because then we would have to address inequalities that make such institutions necessary. We would rethink our justice systems. We would at least behave as rational and reasonable beings. And while at it, maybe stop the manufacture and sale of arms. And destroy all nuclear arsenal.

As Mark Greif writes in his book Against Everything, I am persuaded we should guarantee each citizen a minimum wage and set an upper limit to what anyone individual can take home. Extreme poverty and super wealth, he argues, and I agree are both antithetical to democracy.

So what was this post about? Nothing really except as information that I will be visiting your blogs soon once I can clear my desk.

Cheers everyone.

A question

You will have to excuse my laziness and indulge me by answering this one question. I promise am not asking a question in the next post.

I enjoy reading blogs, some of these I follow, some are just random blogs. My problem is with the length of the posts. What do you think should be the length of a blog post. I know I have written posts as long as 1800 words but I know these aren’t the many.

How in the name of all that is unholy should people have a blog that is 10000 words? I kid you not, I have seen a blog that long. Who sits down to read 10K words in a blog? Or is it I who is a lazy reader?

A word of advice to fellow bloggers

I don’t know whether this could be said, giving myself an air confidence or something of that sort. I will however go ahead and say it. What am talking about here, is attracting blog followers. A friend of mine says, the followers you have is directly proportional to the effort  you put in visiting different blogs, I don’t know about you but here I go with the words of Schopenhauer when he talks about fame and honour. He writes concerning the difficulty of winning fame thus

….the difficulty of winning fame by any given work stands in reverse ratio to the number of people who are likely to read it; and hence it is so much harder to become famous as the author of a learned work than as a writer who aspires only to amuse. 

No am not looking down upon entertainers, just saying

it is hardest of all in the case of philosophical works, because the result at which they aim is rather vague, and at the same time, useless from a material point of view; they appeal chiefly to readers who are working on the same lines themselves.

And those of you atheist bloggers, who write on atheism and philosophy will agree with the above assessment. When I visit my friend archy’s site, all the comments I have seen have been by people I ‘know‘ to be atheists. Maybe some theists visit, as they visit all our blogs and like posts, but I think all of you will agree that apart from the random theist intent on just dissenting for no other reason than that he can, most of those who regularly read and comment on your blogs are likely members of the choir!

2012 in review

The good guys at have automatically generated the report below for the year 2012 at Random Thoughts. All of you who have made it possible, thank you from the tips of my typing fingers as I read from a friend’s blog sometime ago. Thank you for your comments, for finding time to read the not so random thoughts and more so for following.

Thank you thank you and happy new year. I look forward to us continuing building the friendships in the new year.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

liebster blog award

On Saturday, my good friend Daniela nominated me for a blog award, The Liebstar blog award, for which am grateful. I have a great aversion to follow rules, but I will try and obey some if not all of the rules of this award. Here you will know who the award is given.

to the questions:

  1. What was the title of the first book (including a picture book) you have read? I can’t remember
  2. Can you still remember the name of a person you first kissed? No
  3. Who is your favourite writer and why? I enjoy reading Robert Ludlum, I love drama and he does it perfectly using words in away when you start reading his book you keep turning the pages pages. He is bad for those who love sleep 🙂
  4. If you can be one famous person for a year who would you chose to be and why? Ban ki Moon, the UNSG, he has a duty to the world, to work for peace here, to avert climate crisis on another and so on. He is committed to humanity and I find this a noble undertaking.
  5. Where in the world would you like to live your last days on Earth? Anywhere close to the people I love.
  6. If you can invite five famous people to your home for dinner, who would you invite and why? I would invite the pope, I have several questions for him; Katt Williams just to have a good laugh; Dawkins just to listen to him on genetics and evolution; Denzel Washington he happens to be among my favorite actors and lastly Obama to pick his mind on how it feels like being president of the most powerful country
  7. If you can have one talent what would it be? I’d love to be able to play the piano and sing.
  8. Who is the most important person in your life? It would be difficult to mention just one person. There are several people who are important to me in different ways.
  9. Have you ever lived for more than a year outside your home country? Nope, I haven’t.
  10. What is the scariest thing you can imagine? I can’t imagine anything scary.
  11. If you have a one wish for the world that would come true what would it be? We live in a world free of weapons and hostilities.

The next requirement was that I nominate others for this award. And here is where there is a difficulty. As you have seen already, the award is for blogs with less than 200 followers, the few blogs I follow are either below or above that threshold. It is therefore hard for me to nominate any one blog for the award. It would be difficult to chose.

For all my friends who have just started blogging, therefore consider this a nomination and an encouragement to continue writing and to congratulate those of you who have been at it for a long time now. Your writings and thoughts continue to inspire and inform us. I hope my friend Daniela finds this acceptable.

Lastly as for the questions, I think the above questions will just be fine.

Thank you again Daniela for the nomination 🙂