Only the Catholic church is the true church ™

And protestants, as SoM used to say, are truly lost. I don’t believe that I finally agree with that fellow.

By sticking to tradition, a tradition it invented for her interests, the Catholic church, both Greek and Roman, has most faithfully preserved the spirit of early Christendom. It is no wonder, then, that it refers to tradition for the truth of its religious view of the world.

In Christ Myth, the author notes that Protestantism is completely unhistoric in passing off the gospels as the sources, as the revealed basis of the faith in Christ, as if they had arisen independently of the church.

To be Christian therefore, one must unite as a member with the church- body of Christ.


catholic church and abuse

I don’t know how people are still Catholics.

Here, the pope has acknowledged some bishops and priests had made nuns sexual slaves.

And somewhere in Texas, 286 priests have been named as having abused children.

Maybe it is time the Catholic church closed its doors.

Man divorces wife for walking ahead

It’s slow news day here.

Wives, don’t walk ahead of your husbands, if they are stupid and have egos as huge as their intolerance. But then again, why would you want to remain married to such a man?

I hope this is just a story 

And while dealing with stupid men, a bishop in Australia has reminded us again, they like pedophiles.

I’d rather go to jail than report a pedo,

Voltaire on Absolution

Hello good friends.

In Joseph Lewis book, Voltaire, he has a few quotes from the works of the man. On absolution, we learn the church had the following price list

  1. absolution for one who has carnally known his mother, his sister cost five drachmas
  2. absolution for one who has deflowered a virgin 6 drachmas
  3. for one who has revealed another’s confession 7 drachmas
  4. for one who has killed his father, mother 5 drachmas.

And in another area where I have constantly asked the same questions, that of prohibitions

Voltaire asks

were the Jewish ladies intimate with goats? You assert that your mothers had no commerce with he-goats nor your fathers with she-goats. But pray, gentlemen, why are you the only people upon this earth whose laws have forbidden such commerce? Would any legislator ever have thought of promulgating this extraordinary law if the offence had not been common?

Voltaire’s biggest undoing was to suppress the work of Jean Messlier. To make our atheist a deist.

the catholic church is at it again

This time in Canada over assisted dying.

If you are terminally ill, Canadian, are unfortunately Catholic and cares about burial rites, then don’t think about assisted dying. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa has said the Church might refuse to conduct a funeral when families strongly support and champion their loved one’s assisted-death decision.

To the bishop, assisted dying is a morally great evil, maybe greater than the wasting disease that makes one consider assisted suicide.

I sympathise with Catholics and those who want religious rites at their funerals.

Maybe they should tell the church to fuck off.

The execrable catholic church

and her bishops in Liberia think Ebola is a consequence of immorality and their god is exacting its punishment on the people of West Africa.

Since, in the opinion of these bishops, homosexuality among others are at the root of the Ebola pandemic, we must needs know if all the deaths resulting from Ebola have been lesbians and gays only? If this isn’t the case, we must say the bishops worship such an evil master who punishes others for the crimes not of their own.

It is 2014, we should have moved away from such myopic views of the world we live in.

I don’t know why we still have catholics.

Catholic Archbishop: Ebola is punishment from God for homosexuality