Of witches

And witch burning. And of course the good book.

Civilised people, Christians of today, no longer burn witches. The text that encourages burning of witches still stands. So I got wondering whether the Europeans burned all the witches or if the demons stopped having commerce with men and women? It is strange that more women were banned at the stake in Europe than men, when the papal bull condemning witches and setting the stage for the inquisition said the demons had commerce with both men and women?

In all of ancient Africa, as far as I can tell, no single person was burned as a witch. It is only after the missionaries arrived dis witches arrive on the scene and it is only after they left have witches been burned in some places in Africa. And these missionaries and others had the temerity to call my ancestors backward!

This is not all. These good people, living in an age where sex was suppressed, believed devils interfered with copulation and conception by being the go between between sperms and ova. And this was believed by among others Thomas Aquinas, that great church father. However, St. Bonaventura goes a step farther to inform us this was only possible with the permission of god.

One still wonders how a religion that included and still includes such credulity could have conquered so much of the world? What does it say of human intelligence or lack of it? They even believe their god was tempted by the devil! Credulity knows no bounds. But then again, what do I know?

But if our civilised fellows no longer believe in demons and ghosts, they have replaced them with aliens and other extraterrestrial beings. Same old demons but in new clothes. Man, however educated, is still credulous.

And as I close on witches, remember that Tyndall was burned at the stake for being too clever for his own good- translating the bible to English!

Have a witches free day, will you!

we bring you good news from the Vatican

If you have been in the pursuit of holiness and found yourself restricted by many rules or conditions, we have good news for you. And this news comes to you from St. Paul’s ambassador or the guy with the direct link to Peter, pope Francis.

Redemption, for those seeking it, comes from god. And to receive it, you need faith in the gospel message. And in case you are Jewish and still confused, the Pope ain’t making this up. He says pick your battles with St. Paul, not him.

Now you have got the message, you cannot claim ignorance when you find yourself in hell. I told you already.

do people still hold such beliefs?

Everyday you read a post or comments by christ followers that leave you scratching your head wondering whether you are in a bad dream or you have gone back, using time travel to the second century. For, please tell, how can someone write


Being ‘schismatic’ is very serious- it means being cut off from the Vicar of Christ on earth, the pope and it was the first pope, st. Peter, who Jesus put in charge of ‘the keys’- ie deciding who gets into heaven, to put it simply. From the beginning the ‘experts’ in the church believed that ‘ outside the catholic church there is no salvation’ so it’s obviously very serious indeed to be in schism.

Anyone who is not a member of the visible church on earth might not end up in hell but if they don’t end up in hell its because of the graces coming to them through the catholic church, although not sure I’m explaining it very well. Speaking personally, I would not feel safe in a church of only 400 years or so, I’d want to be in the one founded by Christ.

Seriously! I don’t know what else to say except that we have lost this person permanently to the insane asylum, however, should they recover and return to the world of the rational, I shall have a beer ready for them.

We are on the way to heaven, yes we are

The pope Bergoglio, otherwise known as Pope Francis says atheists are going to heaven as long as they do good. Don’t you just like the catholic church. First they abolish limbo, then apologise for mistreating Galileo, [am not sure they apologised for burning Giordino Bruno] some priest said hell is just a story am just hoping next they will say the whole thing has always been a fraud. Now my children go home and sin no more but I want your money first! we are all going to heaven, that is if you want to go. Am not going, I prefer to just die.

Sorry protestants, muslims, Judaists, Hindus, Mormons, Buddhists, scientologists, those mad fundamentalists, evangelicals and the rest I haven’t mentioned, you seem not to have passed the bar 😛 or the good pope just forgot about you.

Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are Redeemed, Not Just Catholics

Hitler: an atheist or not?

A good friend of mine shared with me  a brilliant post on Hitler, the Catholic church and its rich history as the gentleman wanted us to believe about his [sic]holy mother church. Many of you are aware of the accusation that Hitler was an atheist and the Nazi manifesto in part to exterminate the Jews was driven by atheistic attitudes. Some of you by now know that this is false.

If the Roman Catholic Church is rich in anything, then it must be its rich history of blood-letting either directly or by delegation and in many cases by turning a blind eye to it. In our most recent history, you are aware some members of the clergy were culpable in the Rwandan genocide that left several thousand people dead, maimed and displaced.

And for those of you not in the know, here is a piece of history will surely like.


Theists, help needed!

1. You believe so strongly your god is all powerful and all knowing, whom are you trying to please by engaging in apologetics?

2. Why aren’t Catholics born to Muslim parents if we are born religious?

3. If your god is spirit, incorporeal, how could it will anything?

4. If your god is self sufficient, immutable and unchanging, what happened at the point it decided to create the universe or it became unchanging after that?

5. You insist your god gave us free will so that we can choose to do good or bad, was it difficult to make all our choices between degrees of good?

6. Each of you claim your religious text is the right one, does it occur to you that not all of you can be right, so how do we tell who is right?

7. If this is the word of god as you claim, why so many interpretations as there are believers? Was it impossible for your god to be clear?

8. This should have been the first question, what is god?

9. If you are Muslim, do you believe the heavenly language is Arabic?

10. Do you believe that Mo went to heaven aboard a Pegasus?

11. Do you believe it is fine to have intercourse with 9 year olds?

12. Christians do you think a man survived in a fish for three days?

13. Which direction is heaven?

14. Jews, do you think god cares so much for foreskin from baby penises?

Am tired, I will populate this list with more questions later. Gone to read