Is your pastor well educated

Did I hear you say that the clergy are well educated and therefore not in the same category with the fortune tellers and other quacks who claim to do business with the supernatural powers? Ah yes there is the rub. Your pastor has been to school true, but he has never been taught to think. He is a parrot. Forgive him. He can’t think for himself. His thinking has been warped because he has been indoctrinated with religious superstition. His education has been slanted. He has been told what to believe. It ha s been poured into him through a funnel. When he is graduated he is a beautiful bird who wears a colorful robe on Sundays and repeats the same lingo week after week. A moron could do just as well.

G. Vincent Runyon

What is the difference 

Between this and ancestor worship? 

I keep saying I find religious people a strange lot, especially when they are of African descent. They look down upon their traditional beliefs and then in the name of Christianity do and believe in absurdities for example that a man swallowed a fish whole and vomited the fish after 3 days 400 miles away, how ridiculous! 

Here is the

Explanation for why church numbers are dwindling

The church is fighting over, and breaking up over homosexuality. There are other issues, but the overriding issue is homosexuality and homosexual ‘marriage’. Ms. Evans position of one of opening and affirming homosexual ‘marriage’, and has been fighting tooth and nail since World Vision’s decision in 2014.

Who would have known this was the reason?

this is an interesting piece

Lying for god

Tidleb has this post on his blog as a response to a theist, Eva, and her exaggerations or rather misrepresentation of her former beliefs or lack of.

Eva tells us

I can’t exactly remember how things started to change, but I do know that, over time, something began to happen. Everything in my life was going along nicely, but something certainly shifted. I started to wonder ‘what if?’  What if there is something more than what we see around us. What if we are more than just our body? Could all the beliefs that I have built my life on, been wrong? Probably not, but what if?

So I decided to buy a Bible. The only familiarity I had with the Bible was from the bits that are quoted in the Life of Brian and I didn’t even know where to find one. I finally did, in Ellison Hawker. It was pink fake snakeskin, which would not have been my first choice, but I smuggled it home in a brown paper bag.

My friend tildeb has addressed part of the lies. I want to point out here that, whereas I haven’t read her other posts, this conversation story actually looks made up. Her agnosticism, if real, was poorly informed. Did you notice her play with Pascal’s wager?

Why the bible and not the Gita, Vedas, Koran, or even the book of moron Mormon?

And who doesn’t know where to find a bible? You live in Saudi Arabia? I mean, you could even order online.

Her story sounds like a case of make it up as you go along.