Critical mass Nairobi- February edition

If you are a cyclist and live in a city with other cyclists, you can all meet up once a month for a critical mass event. It helps to create awareness to motorists that there are other legitimate road users who may not necessarily be driving. And this is important especially in countries where planners, city managers and road engineers have never thought of integrated road design that takes care of non motorised users.

In the video below, for those who want to meet the face behind the blog, my bike comes into focus towards the end of the clip and disappears.

Critical Mass Nairobi

It appears my friends in Nairobi got it all wrong with the dates, but that doesn’t matter. Wiki has this to say about CM

Critical Mass is a cycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month; its purpose is not usually formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets on bikes.

We hold ours last Saturday of the month with an aim to create awareness to the city’s bad drivers that we exist, that it is possible to share the road.

has nothing to do with bicycles

i know this bike

this young one will be a future champ

even kids came out for cm

this view was better than it looks like in the photo

dude was cycling like a boss