is cultural appropriation a thing?

There is this post that has got me thinking on why we have people all over the place complaining about cultural appropriation.

I think we have real problems than worrying damage that would come about if some white fellow started adorning a Luo head gear or playing nyatiti for that matter. What does it matter really? Are these real world problems? Have we solved all the problems that what is now left is arguments on who should wear dreadlocks and who shouldn’t?

Question time

I am hoping that you, fine people, could help me answer some questions that I have. You can choose anyone question or answer all of them.

  1. What is art
  2. is art universal
  3. what is beauty
  4. is there a relationship between what is beautiful and what is good
  5. what is truth
  6. is there a relationship between what is good, beautiful and true
  7. in political discourse, what does left and right stand for
  8. in discussions of culture, what is cultural appropriation?

on cultural appropriation

I readily admit I could be wrong, or even naïve but I don’t seem to understand all the noise about cultural appropriation.

Recently I heard one of Canada’s leading export to the US was accused of cultural appropriation for adopting locks as a hairdo.

As students of architecture, we had a class on cultural anthropology and one of the things we learnt about culture is that it is dynamic, adoptive and many more.

My great grandfathers used to remove their lower teeth as initiation. We no longer do, just in case you were thinking I am toothless. I wouldn’t give a rat ass if some bloke from Europe decided to do the same thing tomorrow. Can’t people just grow up?

The adaptive nature of culturepdf