An open letter to Raila Odinga

Dear Sir,

I hope this finds you well.

I know you are a busy man and therefore I will make this letter short. I will start by congratulating you on your nomination to vie for the presidency of this country and wish you the best in the election that is a few days away.

I am writing to express my disappointment with you, first in the five years that you have been prime minister and then on the conduct of ODM nominations especially with regard to those MPs who for lack of a better term I would call sycophants and family members. I admit that everyone has a right to contest any elective post whether they are your relations or not, but as one person who keeps telling us you stand for change, then you must through your minions obey the will of the people. They have said expressly they don’t want to work with your brother, sister and in-laws, don’t force them on the people. Speak up and walk the talk, give the people their wish and you will get to where you want to go or we will vote for your competition in spite and send you home to retire.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have said you want to see the end to nepotism and tribalism in this country but your conduct speaks a different language. I know your defenders would say that in the presidency of JFK in the US his brother was the Attorney General, nobody refuses that but look at it this way, you appointed your sister ambassador to the US, your brother was the Assistant finance minister and I don’t know what other members of your family have been appointed to state positions, don’t you think it makes you a hypocrite to criticize others or when your minions criticize others when you do the same thing. We need better leadership.

All of us have been made to believe you have fought for constitutionalism in Kenya. I think this is true but I want to submit here that when you had the power to do so, you failed to be a beacon of hope. You instead felt comfortable with appeasing your sycophants. I know politics is a game of numbers, but what do you think it would be your status among the general populace had you reduced your end of the cabinet to be within the new constitutional requirements? You would not have acted contra the constitution but would have been a beacon of hope of what we would expect in your government if you should win the election, as it is, there is nothing you inspire in me.

There is the big matter of corruption, I don’t know how you have performed in this sector. You were the supervisor of government ministries, unfortunately the reports from Transparency International show that corruption is still rife in government. The question is do you know and have chosen to be complacent or you don’t know and are inefficient?

On matters national security and asking us to be patriotic. There have been senseless killings in Taita Taveta and Garissa, you have a motorcade paid for by our money, it is unfortunate that you haven’t found the time to visit this families and grieve with them and yet you expect their votes! Are you hungry for power for power’s sake or is there something different we are to expect?

Five years ago at the end of the election that you maintained that your vote had been stolen I thought you would have learnt a few lessons. If your party cannot hold fair and credible elections what are we to expect of your presidency?

Lastly this is a bit of a personal matter. I have spent several days with this question and hope that someday I will get an answer from you. Of all the MPigs and good citizens we have in this country, is Kalonzo Musyoka the best choice of a running mate you could choose? This is a fellow you have been at loggerheads with for the five years of this coalition unless this has been for show. I know we are meant to forgive those who wrong us, I need to know what has changed in watermelon Kalonzo, when did he become a reformer, a proactive leader and what he now stands for? I feel really disappointed to say the least.

I hope to hear from you or one of your minions before the election date before I cast my vote.

Yours sincerely

Concerned voter.


why I raise my children without god

Today yours truly has been aming that is,not doing a lot of thinking, and then I found this article at iReport in CNN Blogs anout a parent raising her children without god and I thought you may like it too.

a mother of two teenagers in Texas, blogs about raising her children without religion. She said she shared this essay on CNN iReport because ‘I just felt there is not a voice out there for women/moms like me. I think people misunderstand or are fearful of people who don’t believe in God.

She says among others things about the cruelty of god, poor parenting skills, being illogical and so many other failures.

Read more here

Random stories

Today I will tell you random stories since Friday evening when I was out with fellow godless for a few bottles of beer, the attendance wasn’t so good but we did have such a good time. There was talk about the report by some scientist on GMOs causing cancer or something of that kind;  there was also talk on why are educated people apathetic to politics especially in this part of the globe; the [lack of] intelligence of the American population; issues of abortion; how do we contribute in reducing indoctrination of our young and to be competitive in the global village which we are all part of. I will invite you to the next meeting, just hold your horses.

I wanted to tell you about my weekend. On Saturday I was to travel home and I missed my bus so had to wait for 2 hours for the next

Small scale traders demo

bus. So while waiting, there was a peaceful demonstration [because police were not involved or else it would be chaotic] by small-scale traders from the Gikomba open air market complaining of harassment by City Council askaris. This is a problem that we need to find a lasting solution to. Every so often property worth tens of thousands of shillings are destroyed by over zealous askaris following an order of a nondescript bureaucrat resulting in loss of livelihoods and pushing poverty levels higher by the day.

Once home, I went to the local hospital that is in the same complex with the church. The hospital is in the process of expanding but have no land [the original planners did not allow for expansion] but the church has land close to the hospital which it is not using and am told the locals and the church administrators have refused to give it to the hospital. Now this is crazy, the people who benefit from the services offered by the hospital are in the group who have failed to give the church land. I have said before we need more hospitals than churches and I plan to do just that when am home next.

On other news, while other Kenyans are busy working their asses hard to pay taxes, our stupid members of parliament have awarded themselves a send off package running to billions of shillings. This would have made sense if there was money, but the same stupid MPs failed to address doctors, lecturers and teachers strikes that almost paralyzed several sectors of the economy. It is time all civil servants went on a nationwide go slow so that among others, the size of the executive is reduced to manageable levels, salaries and allowances for MPs be subjected to tax and reduced to reflect the state of our economy, permanent secretaries and other government officials whose salaries are obscene are rationalized.

We are approaching general elections billed as the largest in Africa given the number of idiots to be elected on the one day of voting and the country seems to be on a path to self destruct with politicians appealing to their tribes and spreading hate [one has a court case another was forgiven by the High Court after proffering an apology setting a bad precedent for the rest of them stupid legislators who never seem to be able to control what comes out of their blowholes]  instead of presenting a national agenda aimed at addressing rising insecurity, rising unemployment among the educated youth, deteriorating health standards, the perilous food situation and the delicate land issues that has over time set communities against communities resulting in death of hundreds and displacement of thousands since we attained self governance 4 decades ago,among other important national agenda.

On still other issues, I like this tree.

beautiful tree



In defence of Nancy Baraza

To most people, the case of Nancy Baraza is closed. She is guilty of several crimes among them lying, pinching, bullying and others that i have not got the time to find out. The tribunal set up to investigate the [mis]conduct of the DCJ gave their recommendations to the public after having closed door sessions in which yours truly was not a party. They have said she is not fit to hold high office and they are not sure of her conduct in the far future. I don’t know if she proffered a bribe, if she did, that’s another matter that should be taken up by the office of the DPP.

I must admit i have not seen the CCTV footage of the events on that January day and the ensuing altercation between the DCJ and Kerubo. Now give me a minute, let me finish why i stand by the DCJ. It is this event that is the reason for the tribunal and this is what i want to address not what she did after the event.

we have a government with three arms, the judiciary is headed by the CJ and deputized by the DCJ. For the life of me i do not know why someone would want to subject the DCJ to a body search. I could be wrong, but apart from our airports am not sure there is a law that support this body searches. Would they search the deputy speaker, the PM, the VP? I doubt it! For all intents and purposes the DCJ was right to refuse any body search.

The people who should take responsibility for this mess are her guards and driver. They failed their charge, simple and square. It is their duty to ensure that their charges have an easy pass through such security checks which in my very honest opinion are not a deterrent to anyone with evil intent but an intrusion into people’s privacy.

Lastly, I look at one of the assertions by the tribunal: that in their view, they do not think the DCJ will not behave in a similar manner in future. Are they shrinks, how did they reach such a conclusion? Do they have evidence of her having behaved in a similar manner in the past to warrant such a conclusion. In the absence of supporting evidence, then that recommendation should be deleted from the report. I think we have people in office who should have left eons ago for crimes that i do not want mention here and are now running for high office, what hypocrisy, what pretense! Am not saying here that people in high office should go pinching noses, but this was a small slight and shouldn’t have distracted us from more serious issues facing us as a people.

I wish her well, it’s sad she is losing her job on such flimsy grounds. And since it’s Olympics time, i wish team Kenya all the success!