So I have been watching movies

And I think some of you might find at least on of them interesting. If you have followed me long enough, you will already know I am those guys who like to watch old movies. The first one resonates with the issue of nuclear disarmament. And I think builds on an older story; what would happen if the US acting on misinformation launched a nuclear weapon against Russia or vice versa. I hear something like this has come close to happening.

The second movie, also about war, is how men, headed to their death in the belief they were fighting for freedom. The action is really good. There is bravery. Comradeship. Friendship. And of course racism.

And finally, run all night, a movie I watched more for the voice of Liam Neeson than anything else. But it is a good movie. A fall out between friends. Murder. Cops. Mob and death. But then again, is it possible to have a mob movie without death? What else would they be trading in?

Tell me if you found any interesting. Jim you are not allowed to comment.

On this day of the dead

Or as the Katlicks call it all saints day, I would like to hear what is the kind of death you would prefer. It was one Greek philosopher who when asked what was the best thing to happen to a man said not to be born and the second best is to die sooner. And so now that we all know we are dying let’s talk about how that final moment should be.

A quick abrupt death with no room for goodbyes

Dying in a vegetable state, unable to live in any dignity and die with dignity

Death from short illness

Death from long illness bravely borne ( this gets to my nerves. Why extend human life when the end is all but certain. Then again, all our deaths certain)

Taking your own life once you have had enough of this life?

In the meantime, make merry for tomorrow we die.

Question for atheists

Whenever this block suffers a dearth of posts, I go to that wormhole otherwise known as Quora to just stroll and see what questions people are asking. I like it for other things. The stories lies people tell. And so today I saw this question

Imagine you died, and then you find out the afterlife and God are real. God presents himself to you, satisfying whatever proof you need to know it’s him, and he then asks you to explain your lack of faith. What would you say?

I can tell that this question is loaded with assumptions. I can bet, I didn’t bother to check, that the enquirer is a Christian. They tend to hog the god name with a capital G. So the first question would be of identity, which god are we talking about? The god of the philosophers who set the ball rolling and went to sleep, maybe even died, or the god of my forefather- indifferent. Or that of the Abrahamic faiths- petty, jealous and murderous?

Two, this god appears after I am dead. Isn’t that a wee bit late. The answer simply is you didn’t present yourself when it counted.

Thinking more about the question, it is a weaker version of Pascal’s argument. You are implored to just believe, without evidence because maybe this angry god might be waiting for you the other side of the grave. Not happening. Don’t fear death my friend, nor the gods. If they exist and love us, we have no reason to be afraid. If they exist and they are capricious, then worshiping them is no guarantee that you’ll be spared from their bouts of anger.

on death

Lately I have found myself reflecting on death, mine especially though sometimes that of those dearest and closest to me do come up and I find I am not ready to die yet and I don’t want these people to die, at least not in the near future.

In the play Mahabhrata, Vyassa in response to the question which is the greatest folly responds “each day a person dies and we continue to live as if we are immortal” and maybe we couldn’t live otherwise. We would be held back by fear and would not do much, so what is a man to do.

Death does visit us all the time. We are distraught when a parent buries a child, more distraught especially when the child had potentially many years ahead of them to be whatever they could be. No one wants to bury their parents before they are really old.

Death, what are you and how do we appease you!