Am an atheist and am depressed

Seriously no! And that title isn’t to grab your attention not is it a call for help. I wrote yesterday there is an outbreak of stupid in Christendom. This morning I am reading atheism leads to depression and suicide and I go what the fuck are these guys smoking? Burning bush anyone?

The OP tells us the bible is all the evidence you need. She says the evidence is right there in Romans 1.

There is nothing in being an atheist that says you will be happy. Nothing about being an atheist that says you will not consider suicide. That an atheist is unhappy is not an argument against it. If this were the case, a suicide by a christian is conclusive argument against Christianity.

I am not depressed. I have read about a few friends who suffer depression and some of them it seems it started while they were still believers, but the OP has you covered. She writes

If a “Christian” is not a true one, and is only one in name, depression can certainly arrive.

She writes that this book Crucifying Christ in our Colleges” (by Dan Gilbert) gives all the evidence you need to know that atheism leads to suicide. I think more people commit suicide because they are poor than because they don’t believe in god.

And now she offers the solution to those of you suffering from depression

If you’re struggling with thoughts and feelings of depression and suicide, don’t give-in to it. Only give-in to God

and me wonders what stopped god from ensuring you don’t have depression in the first place? Why do believers believe in such a sadist? Plus she has evidence his solution works. Again I let her speak for herself

I actually have a friend who used to be atheistic, then accepted the truth and is now a strong person in the Lord

And if you want to know how to get this going, again lets hear her speak

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a message for me.

I am not the one to break people’s bubbles but I have a weakness, I admit, my tolerance for stupid is really low. It is quite plain this author doesn’t know what atheism is, what depression is or she would have treated them well.

The power of prayer: Believing in god can help treat depression

Fellow sufferers, I came across new research of a small sample group that indicate that belief in god can help treat depression, actually it doesn’t matter if your god is FSM, it just have to be some deity we can’t explain its existence. I have an interesting thought though, why would they wait to be depressed to pray for treatment of depression if they could pray not to be depressed in the first place?

The test did not include non-believers so theists should not run to their priests with offerings thinking their ridiculous beliefs have been vindicated.

Another thing, always be very skeptical of medics. They tell you today eggs is bad for your health, then the next day another one tells you eggs is not bad, it’s the chicken and before you know it, you can’t remember what they started with.

Having said that here are the links.

Believing In God Associated With Better Psychiatric Treatment Outcomes: Study

The power of prayer: Believing in God can help treat depression

Study: People Who Believe in God Are More Responsive to Treatment of Depression