On doctors

I know many of you will disagree, I too, disagree with this but let us give this fellow a hearing. He writes

Live according to nature; be patient, get rid of the doctors, you will not escape death, but you will only die once, while the doctors make you die daily through your diseased imagination, their lying art, instead of prolonging your days, robs you of all delight in them. I am always asking what real good this art has done for mankind. True, the doctors cure some who would have died, but they kill millions who would have lived. If you are wise you will decline to take part in this lottery when the odds are so great against you, suffer, die or get better but whatever you do, live while you are live.[Rousseau, Emile]

My mechanic kinda agrees with him. He tells me most of us are so weak we get a common cold, we run to the doctors, a small fever, we run to the chemist. We are prolonging our lives by living on pills. No wonder some people die a thousand deaths before their final death.