whose fault is it

Having been given a spokesman and power of sorcery, Moses now faces Pharaoh in the hope of prevailing upon him to release the sons of Israel so they could go and worship the lord their god in the wilderness and since the lord has set up pharaoh to refuse, he doesn’t let the sons of Israel and we have from here the signs from on high.

There is a show of might between Moses/ Aaron on one side and pharaoh’s sorcerers on the other. When Aaron’s staff becomes a snake even the sorcerers’ staffs become snakes but they are eaten by Aaron’s serpent. I need help here, was the serpent here venomous or not and what family of snakes did it belong to? Were they black mambas, puff udders or rock pythons, someone please help.

This will be my case against god if he were to exist, why had he to kill the marine life? Is it there was no better way to free the sons of Israel that did not involve destroying whole ecosystems? As you well know, am not a student of medicine, someone tell me if water can turn to blood? Or did god, Moses and Aaron collectively make the water so dirty it looked red but even this is hard to explain. Dirty water is brown or green if there is algae and almost black if you have oil spill, red I haven’t seen unless when I dip my finger after cutting it in a cup of water.

On other news, if pharaoh’s sorcerers could achieve the same result as Moses and Aaron, then god is not great all the same.

I have a last question, if all the water is blood in wells, jars and the Nile where do the sons of Israel get water? If this state of affairs went on for 7 days, where did cows and other animals get water to drink? What was their wrongdoing that they also had to suffer? And finally wouldn’t have been easier for god to make pharaoh and his army sleep for several days when the sons of Israel walked to freedom at anytime without having to kill fishes, frogs, poison water and so on? Just asking!

Between Moses and Aaron who is the oldest of the two?

Moses and Aaron turn water into to blood



Exodus 1

Israel Multiplies in Egypt

I hope you have kept it here and have not forgotten where we stopped at the end of Genesis. We close Genesis with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph with his brothers left living in Goshen.

Before we get into the book of Exodus, let us first hear what the Catholics have to say about it. Exodus, they say is from the Greek word exodos which means departure which is the main theme of the book. They continue to say, this is where they are quite honest, the church adopted the traditional Jewish view that Moses wrote the 5 books. This, they say, is not so much a statement of authorship as a religious affirmation that the book derives its authority from the work of Moses. They continue to say Moses cannot be conceived as the author of those books.

Exodus starts by listing the sons of Jacob who came to Egypt with him. You may be a little confused here;

1 Now these are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob; they came each one with his household……….

Israel here does not refer to a people but to Jacob. It gets absurd from here, at verse 6, we are told Joseph died and his brothers and all that generation but the sons of Israel were fruitful and increased greatly. How can this be? Who are these called Israel if the whole generation has passed on?

In verse 8, we are told a king arose in Egypt who did not know Joseph and feared their numbers and passed decrees to have them enslaved, treated harshly and ordered 2 midwives whom he later builds houses for to kill every male child. How could this one family give birth to threaten a whole kingdom? After being defied by two Hebrew midwives, the Pharaoh calls on all of Egypt to cast every son born to the Hebrews in the Nile River. I don’t know about you, but if I was king and my intention was to kill male babies and a midwife disobeyed that order, that would be her last day especially listening to the excuse they give!

This aside, however, why would a king be threatened by small male babies born to his slaves as we are told they were? There are better ways to deal with the population than killing male babies, don’t you think so. Why not just have all their women married by the Egyptians besides it is just one family and in a few years there would be none left who even remembers they were Hebrews to begin with. Unless there something we are missing?




Genesis 50

Before we look at the final chapter of Genesis, I want first to thank you for your readership, insights and comments that have made this a worthwhile exercise. It is my hope that we have all learnt something new or received a different insight to the ones we have always held. In summary this journey started with creation of man, then the fall of man, Noah’s ark, debasement of Lot by his daughters and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the stories of Abe’s family and his trysts to the sons Esau and Jacob and finally to Joseph who brings the family into Egypt where Israel will be slaves for sometime as we shall see. This therefore is the first Israelite march to slavery from where El will save them, one wonders why he didn’t just prevent it from happening in the first place?

In this chapter, we have two deaths, the first of Jacob and the next Joseph, before we come to that however let us look at the chapter in detail; shall we?

Death in the family

Joseph mourns his father together with his brothers and ends up dying too. I think the grief was beyond him to bear. He orders his physicians [I didn’t know there were] to prepare the body for burial and then spend 40 days[what is it about the scribes and numbers?] embalming[what were they doing embalming for 40 days?] begs leave of Pharaoh to go bury his old man and he is given chariots, all the elders of Egypt go with him; it was such a serious funeral those on the side of the Jordan felt it was a  great wailing for Egypt and the burial site got a name,  Abel-mizraim.

The brothers are worried that now with their father dead, Joseph may just want to exact his revenge. He reassures them all is well, promises to take care of them, feed them and ensure their security as long as he lives. He tells them it was god’s will all along anyway so they are blameless in the matter. How easy do they get off?

How long is a generation? If Joseph lives to see 3 generations of Manasseh and dies at 110, when did Manasseh have his first sons or daughters ? Just as his father before him, he asks that when he expires, his bones be taken to the land of his fathers and then quits at the ripe age of 110 years. He is embalmed and put in a coffin and with that, the first chapter takes a bow.

The death of Joseph by Giovanni Battista Pittoni



Genesis 47

Jacob’s Family Settles in Goshen

At the close of the previous chapter, I said the old patriarch and his household have packed and come into Egypt. The old man is 130 years, and when he meets Pharaoh the ultimate ruler he blesses him! The scribes at this point have surely not read the earlier verse that decreed the days of man shall not exceed 120 years. Jake/ Israel will live to be 147 years and before dying he asks Jose to swear he will not be buried in Egypt. Since the bible is not yet written, they swear by placing hands on the thigh, what I way to swear!

We are faced with a problem, the reason for leaving Canaan or wherever it was they lived was because of a famine. If there is famine in Egypt as well, what will the livestock feed on? If the Egyptians see livestock as abominable and his family came here at his behest, then why ask them to sell their property? And why do they offer themselves into slavery so easily? Isn’t easy to go back home than to be slaves unless this is written after the event as most stories in this [sic]holy book are?

People are offering their parcels of land or are willingly selling themselves to slavery and here is the contention; if the reason the Egyptians were asked to store food was so that they will have enough reserve for the duration of the famine, why then do they have to be slaves to get the food? Is it possible that a whole population become slaves? There could have been resourceful Egyptians who had stored their own food and would not need to sell their land or themselves to become slaves! Has the store keeper mismanaged the reserves? If the famine is global as we were told at the interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dream, doesn’t it follow that we would have had an influx of people into Egypt that the reserves would have been depleted within months and there would be death by starvation and if anyone survived the famine would be too malnourished to reproduce and we will have said goodbye to man at this point in time?

It is here for the first time we find priests under the protection of the ruling class which has remained to this day in many places. If there was famine and the priests were exempt, I bet their property would have been torched to the ground or taken by force for the open inequality it would have displayed in the midst of a starving and suffering populace even the pharaoh wouldn’t have survived. If anyone has doubts, then read what happened during the French revolution where even the monarchy wasn’t spared but suffered the brunt of the poor and the middle class!  The priests did not sell their land but lived off an allowance by pharaoh and a tax was also introduced[any Egyptians here, do you still pay the 1/5th to pharaoh?] where again the priests were exempt and if this is not the reason churches don’t pay tax in many places, I will need to be told a better explanation.



Genesis 46

Jacob Moves to Egypt

The last chapter ends with Jacob aka Israel ready to die now that he knows his son is alive just as in the NT Zechariah or someone like that will be ready to die when he sees the born messiah.

We have a total of 75 members of Jake’s aka Israel’s family c0me into Egypt. I will not repeat their names only to mention that somewhere along the road, [Beersheba, where Hagar earlier found water after being dismissed by Abe and the sacred shrine for Abe and Ike ],  the family patriarch developed cold feet and had to be encouraged by a visitation from El of his forefathers with a promise to take them out of Egypt at the right moment.

A point of note, is the patriarch’s household was doing very well and needed special land lease away from the Egyptians who saw every livestock as an abomination!  Why anyone would see livestock rearing as abominable passes me! As I have said before, you do not need much to see the folly in the biblical scribes and their source of inspiration! All you need is to objective, and critical and there you have it all staring at you.

Jacob goes to Egypt

Genesis 42

Joseph’s Brothers Sent to Egypt

We are no longer dealing with dreams, though the story is getting more interesting as we go along. In this chapter, which is quite long, Israel/ Jacob sends 10 of his sons to Egypt having heard there is food in Egypt.

Joseph sees his brothers, recognizes them and has a bitter exchange with them and all the while they do not recognize him. I don’t know if it is possible, I will let the reader decide, that 10 brothers couldn’t recognize their brother and we have not been told he wore disguise or had his face and voice altered surgically.

Joseph taking advantage of their ignorance, I shall call it so, harangues them before detaining his brother Simon and sending the rest with grains back home and their silver which they only discover while they are on their way. The workers under Joseph would protest the order to return the silver to these 10. There is no such protest!

I have said before concerning the scribes who wrote the bible stories, the ones we have met so far, that they were ignorant of the world around them. They write here there was famine in every other place except Egypt where the Pharaoh under the wise counsel of Joseph had the Egyptians store food. This my friends, I don’t think makes any sense. If there is a world famine for seven days and there is food in just one place, there would be disaster. The Egyptians would be fighting to get the food, foreigners would wage war just to get the food. There would be massive loss of life and destruction of property and this at least could not have passed unrecorded by historians of the time!

Besides, if the famine was worldwide as the scribes would want us believe,how is it then we have no Chinese or Indians or any other civilizations already present mention such a devastating famine?

Their father refuses to let them go back with Benjamin as the chapter closes, we will see what happens when we get to the next chapter! Stay tuned.

Joseph selling grain in Egypt. Painting by Jan van Noordt