Full ruling of the court

Can be found here

Meanwhile, I hear the clown in chief has gone off the rails again. The prince can’t believe he can be defied by a court of law.

My lawyer friends, Sirius B, I am looking at you, when you have time, give a brief comment on the opinions and majority ruling.

If you are not a lawyer, don’t feel left out, I asked lawyers because they seem never able to agree on a singular matter, well just like architects not able to agree on whether a building has been well designed or well executed.

My brief comment for those friends of mine like Federrico and Brian who are old and maybe quite cynical, this is my opinion of the ruling and opinions.

1st dissenting opinion by Ojwang: We have always done it like this, we should keep doing it like this and maybe we can cure it in this manner. I hear, that was Scalia’s reasoning. Here is where those in the USA will be helpful

2nd dissenting opinion: I am here to defend Uhuru and IEBC, justice be damned. The majority ruling has set a high bar for conducting the elections and I am not the Chief Justice but I am Jack Bauer, Rambo, wonder woman and Superman so I scrutinized all the documents and they are genuine. The rest of you are blind.

Majority ruling: This country has worked hard to come to this point. Lives have been lost in coming up with this constitution. If it can’t be followed why have it. We shall rule again in the same way until you comply with the law.

And that, my friends, is the state of the nation.


Friends, in a first one for Africa and many places around the world, the sham presidential election that was contested at the Supreme Court of Kenya has been nullified.

I wish to take this opportunity to tell John Kerry, EU Observer mission, Carter Center and all observers who endorsed this sham, FUCK YOU.

Here is the court ruling.

News updates from our news desk in Nairobi

From the Supreme Court of Kenya

Petitioner: My lords and my ladies, it is my submission before this court that the election was shambolic and not carried out according to the law

1st Respondent: It is possible we carried out the elections according to the law, but we are not sure and we can’t let you see the evidence

2nd Respondent: My hands were tied, I could only read what I was given.

3rd Respondent: I won fair and square, processes be damned.

My friends, the above, is the executive summary of the court proceedings, but in case you have time in your hands, are a lawyer, or just curious, you can start from

and play backwards. I promise you two things. You will be entertained. You will be enraged.

Having dispensed with that, Kenya has approved a complete ban on plastics, no plastic bags. I can safely say it is at this point in time safer to be found in possession of weed than a plastic bag.

Anyone planning on visiting our good country, don’t carry plastic bags. But you can carry plastic bottles, these are good. You can invest in coal, this is good. You can, if you have the funds, build on a riparian reserve, this is good. You can harvest sand from the rivers without a care for the environment as long as you have a license, this is good. You can build a railway through the national park, this, too is good. Plastic bags, bad bad bad.

Keep it right here, we will bring you more updates as they arrive on our news desk.

Why the SCOK fucked up!

When I last wrote on the Supreme Court of Kenya justices and the ruling they had made regarding the elections, a few friends asked me to wait for their detailed ruling. I did indicate that the detailed ruling wouldn’t change much. One among them, since at the press briefing, the chief justice did say they had reached a unanimous verdict. Can anyone tell me if there was a chance in their detailed ruling they would tell us there was dissenting opinion, I guess not?

Well I am yet to get a copy of that document. When I do I will share it here so that lawyers who follow this blog can look at it and say add their two cents of opinion, since as is known world over, lawyers always have something to say.

Don’t despair though, I have just read a piece written by a constitutional lawyer, he must know more about law than I do and it is a detailed verdict on what I had expressed about the court and its justices.

He gives the following five reasons why the court fucked

  • Supreme Court’s reliance on backward looking, mean-spirited, cramped Nigerian precedent.
  • Tolerant and uncritical acceptance of the IEBC’s explanations on the voter registers.
  • Lack of clarity about IEBC’s duty to ensure that final results could be verified against provisional results.
  • The Court’s use of subsidiary legislation to limit the meaning of “votes cast,” an unambiguous phrase in the Constitution.
  • The evidential foreclosure that the Court imposes on itself by taking judicial notice of technology failures instead of treating IEBC as spurious.

The article can be found at

Verdict on Kenya’s presidential election petition: Five reasons the judgment fails the legal test