The world is a funny place

Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is at the front lines directing War effort against his fellow countrymen in a war that looks like it will not end soon.

Another Nobel Peace Prize president dropped more bombs than I can count on unsuspecting Somalis, Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis and I don’t know where else where drones could find targets and collateral to justify the costs of buying those things in the first place.

Maybe I should get a Peace Prize too. I don’t know for what though.

Or maybe I am missing something?

Ethiopia is at war

With itself and the Nobel Peace prize winner prime minister is dropping bombs the way Obama released drones to wherever he thought there were terrorists lurking. Any bystander death was collateral damage for the greater good.

Some country in the old soviet Union is at war too.

Everywhere there is war or rumours of a war. Can’t we choose our struggles wisely. Maybe deal with the pandemic before we start killing one another for territory.

I saw in the news there is a vaccine that is 90% effective. While I am no doctor, I am a little clever. All the known Coronaviruses that attack us mutates so fast you will need a vaccine every year. And while we have been told how effective, we don’t as yet know what would be the side effects of this vaccine. I hope they don’t try it on Africans first. The history of botched vaccination on the continent reads like a horror story.

Have a peaceful day, won’t you!

wise sayings

by Zera Yacob, philosopher (1599-1692)

on fasting and absconding certain foods for religious ends

God does not order absurdities such as ‘‘Eat this, do not eat this; today eat, tomorrow do not eat, do not  eat meat today, eat it tomorrow. . . neither did God say to the Mohammedians: ‘eat during the night, but do not eat during the day.’ ’’

human beings are all equal because they are all endowed with intelligence and are fated to die.

Truth occurs only when all persons agree on a given matter or value.

On obligations

Thus, the first foundational obligation of human beings is to love others as you would yourself, and not to do to others what you would not do to yourself.

On men

‘‘There are four kinds of men. The person who knows and teaches, he himself being educated: he is a scholar; ask him questions and learn from him. The person who knows and does not teach, although he is a scholar: he is intelligent; remember him. The person who does not know but teaches: he is in need of guidance; teach him and guide him. The person who does not know and does not want to learn: he is a fool; keep away from him.’’

On wisdom

Wisdom is not good if the action is not good.

On sorrow

Sorrow is of two kinds. One type is that of conscience: the rational soul becomes sad out of lack of knowledge. The animal soul feels sorry out of lack of food and drink and the like.