God said go yea and marry

No. I have made that up.

It does seem most people, especially religious ones, seem so hang up on sex outside marriage. Now, in an age when there was no formal education, girls got married almost as soon as they had their menses. Since virginity was such a prized possession, it made sense to marry off the girls young. But now with formal education, both boys and girls get married at later dates but no solution has been found for raging hormones. To solve this problem, this blogger has a solution

I don’t think a Christian woman should move out of her fathers house until she marries, especially considering the absolute sexual immorality we live amongst.

Rebekah is not taking any of you to hell. Maybe just say hello to her.

Have you been aware that you could be suffering from birth anxiety? There is such a thing as birth anxiety.

I didn’t know fundamentalists have been around for a century now.

Maybe religion is here to stay.

Happy week everyone.

On Ken Ham

John, this your countryman is the king of fundamentalists. The Curmudgeon does pretty good job responding to his outlandish claims.

Ham claims, without an iota of shame, that

Without appealing to Genesis, there is no foundation for marriage. Abortion becomes perfectly acceptable if we aren’t made in the image of God. Get rid of spare cats or spare kids — what’s the difference? Why should we have two genders if God did not make them male and female in the beginning? Genesis provides the answers to those questions.

One wonders whether he lived all his life in a cave. People around the world have been getting married even before some white man with a gun and a bible set foot on their lands. How do people follow him and listen to his crazy shit?

of fundamentalists

we know a fundamentalist believer holds it that their particular god exists.

that their holy book and only theirs is the true word of this god

that their interpretation of the said holy book is the only valid interpretation

and if they believe hell and heaven exist, then everyone else is damned to eternal damnation.

I have read claims on theist blogs that there are fundamentalist atheists.

Am I a fundamentalist atheist for believing the word god is meaningless

for holding that religion* has no redeeming feature

for writing about atheism consistently

for asserting all religious believers are misguided?

How does one become a fundamentalist atheist?

*Religion here means the belief in the supernatural

Waiting for Hydri

Waiting for Hydri

They were trained to look up in the sky, and await its opening. For if the sky ever opened, Hydri would come down, and they would be forever relieved of their miseries. And hence, they became experts at sky themes. They could tell contrails from cirrocumulus on any clear day, and nimbostratus from stratocumulus on any rainy day. They could spot, and differentiate, all celestial spheres within unaided vision: from Canis Major to Ursula Major, and from Vulpecula to Pegasus.

And yet, for all this insight, they still stalled for Hydri. 

In time, with their sky-looking sights beginning to jade, they began to envision patterns in the sky. They began to envision anthropomorphic features in the swirling clouds. On a clear day, when the ragged cumulus fractus filled the sky, they would sometimes spot a human limb. And during storms, when the calvus cumulonimbus reigned overhead, they could even delineate an entire human face, complete with tear stained cheeks through which lightning would flash. And, beholding this, they came to a conclusion: Hydri was about to arrive – and these heavenly visions were heralds. 

Hence they made themselves ready for the arrival. 

They stopped all earthly activities that were not essential. They came up with whole doctrines and rituals to appease Hydri. They even beamed up their instruments, and amassed resources at locating the spot in the sky from which Hydri would appear. These activities, initially a small part of their livelihood, eventually became their lifestyles. Eventually, they forgot their earlier livelihoods. Their entire paradigms changed, and they came to wake up, work, eat, sleep and dream for Hydri. 

Time passed, but Hydri didn’t show up. But surprisingly, this only made their expectations all the more firm. Every day that passed provided yet another opportunity for them to immerse even more deeply into their unique paradigms. They would look up at the sky, and spot Tarf, on the Cancer constellation. And for weeks, even months afterwards, they would hold this sighting as the latest sign for the arrival of Hydri. And when Hydri failed yet again, they would look up yet again, spot another remarkable constellation, and hinge their hopes on it. 

Dispassionately, their life spans on earth came to an end. They died. Hydri never showed up. But even with their departure, the legend of Hydri didn’t fade. Instead, their descendants took up the legend, nourished it, and let it thrive onwards. None of the descendants ever knew where the legend came from. But, nevertheless, the legend persisted. And, down the generations, it morphed, from a mere paradigm, into a literal world view. It became the only reality that the descendants ever knew. 

The descendants still exist. They still await Hydri. Overhead, the clouds still swirl, totally indifferent. And at night, the constellations still appear, monumentally indifferent. And time still flows, shriekingly indifferent.


To be continued…

(Apologies for the long hiatus.)