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Does science disprove god? so the question gets asked.

Most who are scientifically minded quickly say no. They quickly add science is not in the business of god and accommodationists argue science and religion occupy different magestria.

But is this really the case or is this about modesty?

Take for example the case of evolution. If evolution is fact, Genesis 1 is disproved and this is a case of science disproving god. I may add here, for the benefit of my critique, that the theist could argue that it is their god that put the mechanism for evolution in place. This could be the case but they will have to choose whether such a god is beneficent or omnipotent.

In the same scenario, does an old universe disprove god? I think it does. And more still, whereas both the theist and atheist are ignorant of whether the universe is self existing or created, the atheist can say that so far as we know, all manifestations in nature (that is phenomena) need no supernatural push and to this extent science has shown no divine agency is necessary.

But one may ask about the nature of things in themselves and whether there is an Unknowable something beyond it all. Here, the theist may argue that at the beyond phenomena, in the dark areas where human knowledge can’t penetrate, there, their god resides. The atheist will argue from the indestructibility of matter and persistence of force, lies the source of all things. Since this is beyond all possible experience, conceding this to the theist gives them no advantage over the atheist.

In conclusion, in the area of experience, which is, in my view, the purview of science, it has been demonstrated there is no god, whatever they are conceived to be, but beyond the level of experience, everyone, atheist and theist alike are free to speculate all they want. Each must however remember that to think something could be, does not translate to it being.

Evolution, the pyramids, crazy scientists and much more

For your weekend viewing I have linked here a video of some dimwits who claim to posses knowledge from the ancients, that the scientific community is in a big conspiracy to mislead you and that the christian god exists.  It is 3 hours of interesting stuff [the Egyptian pyramids, pi, golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence] the bad [appeals to ignorance, outlandish unsupported claims].

In case you didn’t know it, Darwin was wrong, Dawkins is wrong and all other evolutionary biologists are wrong. We, modern man, has been around for millions of years. And scientists lie all the time, and he has evidence the Piltdown Man but he conveniently forgets to tell us, it is the same lying scientists who discovered it was a hoax.

If you have time, you can watch the entire video [it will take 3 hours of your time]. It has some good stuff, some not so good and some outright crap. By the way, big foot is real, the genesis creation story is the only true one and you need to start kneeling down in worship or you are going straight to heaven hell.


Genes have nothing to do with your traits. The fellow who claims to know what the rest doesn’t display an ignorance when it comes to what Spencer was referring to in the statement,

This survival of the fittest, implies multiplication of the fittest.
This survival of the fittest… is that which Mr. Darwin has called ‘natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life’.

which meant the species most suited to their environment will survive. And Darwin meant it as a metaphor for better adapted for immediate, local environment.

The material is not all there is.

Let us sue the scientists for intentionally lying to us :-P, forget that these buggers in the clip do not interview any single archaeologist, evolutionary scientist, or physicist. They suffer from an advanced case of confirmation bias to the extent that they lack objectivity in anything they are reporting as science that is being systematically suppressed.

In the clip, he claims that this footprint discovered by Mary Leakey have been suppressed.