Is Google a company for good?

If Assange is to be believed, and here I am inclined to believe him, it is not.

Google represents American imperialism like no other. It is the biggest surveillance company. It is almost everywhere.

If you use an android phone, google knows where you are every fucking moment even if you opt out of locations & turn your data off.

Assange argues there is so much government in Google & this is not a good thing.

It’s a giant monopoly and a dangerous one at that.

He writes

Google will interpose itself, and hence the United states government, between the communications of every human being not in China. Commodities just become more marvelous; young, urban professionals sleep, work and shop with greater ease and comfort; democracy is insidiously subverted by technologies of surveillance and control; and our present world order of systematized domination, intimidation and oppression continues, unmentioned, unafflicted or only faintly perturbed.