some people and their guns

There has been a lot of talk about gun violence on the net and especially about its incidences in the US of A. Lawyers have written on it, gun lobbyists have written on it and even people who sound reasonable have added their voice to the debate. I know I am not adding anything new to the debate.

But when I read a comment such as

I hope you will also stop driving as that is responsible for the deaths of 90 people per day. At the very least you should refuse to drive over 55 mph. If only the government would lower the speed limit many lives and carbon emissions could be saved. Obama should politicize that issue and call all the families of the people who die in car wrecks. He could even show up in their town and pretend to cry or whatever.


If you weren’t cowering in your home in fear of the illegitimate Kenyan Muslim President coming to take your guns away you really were not part of “gun culture.” If you weren’t walking around the dangerous streets of downtown suburbia with your piece strapped to your waist, you were not part of gun culture.

It’s perfectly reasonable to own a gun or two for self-defense or sporting purposes, or to collect antique guns as a historical interest. That doesn’t make you part of the gun problem in this country. If you are happier now great, but a normal rationale adult giving up a couple of guns is not progress against the paranoid, delusional, conservatives currently controlling the gun debate at a legislative level.


Today I went down to the local police station, and I led them out to my car and showed them the cooler in the back with my Budweisers on ice.

“I saw a wreck on the way to the lake,” I explained to the officer. “And I feel responsible. It was horrible — mangled vehicles and glass everywhere. A helicopter landed to take away a little girl. It was heart-breaking. I saw the coroner show up and of course I knew what that means. So, please, please take these beers. I was going to drink them while I fished.”

“Hey,” the officer asked, “was that the wreck down on Smith Road. A black truck and a green SUV?”

“Yes. The black truck hit the SUV. I suspect there was alcohol involved.”

“Nope. That SUV ran the stop sign. She was on her phone — texting.”


“So, really, you should turn in that nice I-Phone you have there because, in reality, it was the phone’s fault not your beer.”

“My I-Phone? Well, uh, well, you know I wasn’t texting. Or calling. Or dialing a number.”

“Yes, but you’re trying to be sanctimonious. And you need to be accurate while you’re being sanctimonious. So, hand it over.”

“Uh, well, take the beers instead.”

And there are a lot more like these, I am convinced part of the reason the Americans are not going to solve this problem is because a lot of the noise is being made by stupid fucks.

Who designs a car with the intention of decimating as many people as possible, quickly and easily? Only a stupid person brings up such a silly argument.

I have also read those who claim that liberals are applying a double standard in gun rights issue. That we fight for rights such as LGBT rights, rights of women to have access to abortion if they need, right to assisted suicide so on but argue strongly against owning guns and ammunition. I don’t think this deserves an answer.