run, hike, hike and run some more

that’s the story of my weekend. rather, that is the story from Friday till yesterday. And since I can still feel my legs and there seems to be no part of the body that is extremely painful or sore, there is room to push it a little more. But I don’t want to tell you the story of how i got lost trying to find Shamata gate or how I found this trio who gave up on the hike after doing 3.5km or my friend who could not keep his feet on the ground. So maybe these photos will cover the stories i am unable to tell.

Happy week everyone.

When your host goes hiking

I don’t remember the number of times I fell on my way down. Fortunately I wasn’t hurt. Note to self: get proper hiking shoes.

And at the summit, it rains without notice. And the views are spectacular from up there. This was my first high altitude hike. At the peak, we were at 3610m a.s.l. a total ascent of 1255m and 18km trek.

Have a restful Sunday everyone

Public service announcement

We interrupt transmission to bring you pictures of my hike today. The trail is the same, the distance the same but the exhaustion is different!