Atheism and other random stories

A big question, that is, if any question should  be so called is asked of atheists. The OP posits

The biggest question I would have for an atheist is, If there is no God, where did matter come from? I have never heard a plausible answer to that query. Some would retort, Well where did God originally come from? As if the inability to answer the second question somehow adds credence to the inability to answer the first. My response first of all would be that I don’t know, but second it’s a question that doesn’t demand an answer given God’s omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent nature. He’s self-described as the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Bible says that the wisdom of God is as foolishness to man, and the wisdom of man is as foolishness to God. It is futile to believe that all we can sense physically is all there is. There is more to life than just the material world, but atheists are unwilling to accept it.

The first problem with this question is to assume that matter had to come from someplace while making special pleading for god. Before we deal with answer to the query, I have not heard a coherent reply to the question what is god. To posit what is unknown as the cause of another is to me a case of high ignorance, to state it with so much confidence is silly.

And this author cannot ignore the challenge about the origin of god. If in his response he says god always is, we will ask, why can’t we say the same of matter? Matter as we know it may not be omniscient but I know it is omnipresent. I think a case of omnipotence can be made for we know of nowhere where matter does not act.

Whatever the bible says is in need of verification. It can’t stand on its own. That it is in the bible does not make it true. The bible says many things including, pregnant virgins, talking donkeys, walking snakes, and transporter whales among other absurdities; are we to take all these as true because they appear in the bible. I don’t know if there is any verse in the bible in praise of intelligence.

There could be more to life than what we can sense, the only problem is because we can’t sense it, we have no way of knowing that there is. It is rational and reasonable to either suspense judgement on their existence or to not believe in them anyway until such a time there is adduced evidence to support their existence.

Random story 1

Al Shabaab, the younger brother of Al Qaeda and cousin to IS seem to have found a new playground at our upper most border. They come kill at will and disappear in the darkness only to resurrect and strike again.

Random story 2

Due to non cooperation by the government, dead and missing witnesses, the clown who runs our PR government was freed by the ICC. The other two suspects are hoping they will as well be in a place to make witnesses disappear. When I grow up I want to be high up in government.

Random story 3

About two weeks ago a politician died. That is not news. The news is that Raila, the former prime minister is rumoured to want to vie for his seat. If this rumour is confirmed, then I can comfortably say there is no low a politician cannot stoop to. Besides stooping too low, am not sure how he will respond to those who have said he seeks power for its own sake.

It is holiday time, soon, be happy and make merry.

A few things about home

The say

A fool and his money are soon parted

and I contend here, we are country of fools and for this reason we will soon, each one of us will have to part with money, albeit not through treachery but as a result of actions some of us took a few months ago. During the run up to the plebiscite in March of this year, I did write a few posts, which, just like this one was read by few Kenyans where I told them for the love of the country let us be wise. For most people, then and now, it has been a question of us vs them, mainly antagonism between the Luos and the Kikuyus. I said then and I reiterate, when prices of commodities go up, they will not segregate and have a Luo or Kikuyu price, it will apply across the board both for the poor, middle class and rich alike. And until that day that we will wake up to the realization that it is a struggle between a few thieves, yes I call them thieves and the masses, we will continue to grow poor and poorer and the dream of industrialization will remain just that, a dream never to be reached.

The government has recently adopted a VAT bill[pdf], that was passed by our useless parliament which among its strengths is that it creates a less complex terrain for VAT compliance and determination starting with the reduction in the number of exempt goods and services from 3,000 to less than 50. Whereas this is laudable,  the net effect of this bill is to widen the tax base in effect increasing tax. The government is broke, very broke and it is huge, thanks to the drafters of our new constitution. It beats me why a country of 30 million should have 300 plus members of parliament without counting members of the senate and county assemblies, superfluous principal secretaries, several standing constitutional commissions that do nothing towards developing the economy but contribute to increasing our tax burden.

The reactions to the increased tax have been nothing but interesting. They show the level of discontent with the government and I hope it is only a matter of time before we go the Egyptian way. Am skeptical that we can rise up above our ethnic groups to say no as a nation to the political class. We are a nation of fools, that it would take help from the Olympian gods to even open just a few eyes. Everything is looked at through the prism of our person regardless of whether the person in question has swindled the public of funds. This apathy, exhibited especially so, by those Kenyans on Twitter[#KOT], a group one would think represents the middle class and the educated mass of this country is far from depressing.

What I find interesting is that the deep political undertones are not far away as can be seen in the tweets below.

And even though there is displeasure with the bill, KOT have a few items they feel should be taxed more

Before I end this post, I can almost predict that crime will go up. The police or the NSIS can take this information to the bank. There has been no significant increase in the earnings for a majority of Kenyans, unemployment is at very high levels, the value of the local currency compared to international currencies is doing weak, we are a net importer of goods and as a result, the cost of living is going beyond the roof, that is if there is still a roof while the standard of life is taking a dive head first. This situation, which, as it appears to me the government seems to ignore or pretend doesn’t exist is recipe for chaos and civil unrest.

And that friends is where I stop with this update on motherland. I will let you know if and when we decide to say no to this greed but I hope we shall not have starved or internet will have become so expensive to keep blogging.


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ICC question and the future of Kenya after the elections

In a few days we are going to elect our next president and I need not remind you who are the contenders. In a democratic society everyone is allowed to cast their vote as you so please, but here I think we need to take caution. We are a net importer of goods and services. We depend on the good will of our development partners to export our tea and coffee to their countries.

Brothers and sisters, when Mzee Moi was president in the early 1990s we had donor freeze, stunted growth, high unemployment, unstable exchange rate and many other social and economic problems simply because his government was despotic and wasn’t accountable to the house and to the development partners. We are on the verge of committing an error of several magnitude, whose effect no one really knows for certain, if we elect the Uhuru/ Ruto duo to the helm of government.

By electing them, we will have voted against the ICC and the Int’l community and what will follow is hard to tell but we have examples in Zim and Sudan to guide us to what might happen. Now is the time for all of us who care about our country, a semblance of progress and prosperity to go out of our way and convince our friends in the Jubilee Coalition not to vote for their presidential candidate, for goodness sake, the duo have a case to answer at the ICC. I don’t say they are guilty, neither do I ask they be punished, nope, that would contradict what I believe in, all am asking is they settle that case first and foremost then vie for president. Am not the president of the court.

All I want is they attend to the matters of the court as private citizens and later on in future they may apply to govern. For the time being, please stop the campaigns and do something worthwhile with your time!

There is a case in the High Court challenging the legibility of Uhuro/Ruto candidacy. I don’t want to preempt the judges’ decision but I think if they are truly rational they will disqualify the two from the election and put the dates of the appeal after the election. I think this would be the heroic thing to do but then you can’t trust these judges!

The European Union has made their position clear, you can elect anyone you want but there will be consequences

and President Obama had this message to the Kenyan public.

and shortly after Johnnie Carson had this to say on the choices we will make.

One has to be really daft not to see the message the international community is sending here. There are those who support the Jubilee presidential aspirants and make a claim we are a sovereign nation and shouldn’t be bullied by anyone. I don’t disagree, but we are in a global village. Zimbabwe is sovereign and when I last checked inflation was at 11,000,000 % and Republic of Sudan has public transport grounded, civil unrest and uncertainty and an imminent rise in unemployment and a government unable to meet its obligation.  What is sovereignty when life becomes unlivable because of the ego of two individuals? Is sovereignty going to create employment to satisfy the ego of two men?

I need these UhuRo supporters to tell me why they think we should vote for their candidate. Am open to persuasion.

I abhor tribalism. I have spoken and written against it, am only asking that all those people who love Uhuru to not vote for him, that is all. But if you desire to suffer for love as Prometheus suffers for his love for humanity after he gives them fire, then by all means vote for Uhuru/ Ruto. If on the other hand you feel as strongly as I do, then ensure they lose, I don’t care who you vote for as long as you don’t vote for Uhuro and Ruto.

I hope this is not too much to ask.