Is immortality desirable

When I wrote this post many moons ago, I argued contra the author that life is worth living without the gods.

So today when I commented on this post by Jim and asked whether life without end would be worth living, a clever person asked why I am asking that silly question.

However, the clever person is not too bright. Have you imagined what it would be like to have no end in sight? That your favourite cake doesn’t end, that you don’t need to love deeply because it doesn’t end. That you don’t have to work hard at anything because there is always time? What type of life would that be?

But more to the point, does anyone who wants another life elsewhere live this one we have fully? Do they love totally and completely? Do they take risks? Do they do stupid things? Like laugh in the rain, cry in the rain because no one will know you are crying, have sex in the car because tomorrow is not guaranteed or just do silly stuff.

Life with immortality is a cruel thing. This is just me. Maybe some of you are not content with one life time of whatever years and want to live forever, all the power to you.

May the force be with you.

ex nihilo nihil fit

Now that I have your attention, we can continue with this discussion.

The question for today: is there immortality?

The followers of the Abrahamic religions have no stake in this discussion. If they believe their god created life out of nothing and further that birth is the beginning of life, it would be a contradiction for them to assert there is life, in any form, beyond the grave. Death to them must be the end of life.

So my godless friends, do you think there is immortality and f not why?

on suicide and immortality of the soul

Friends who are regulars of this site know the host has no problem with anyone who decides to quit this life on their own terms. I will go so far as to say that when a person who attempts suicide fails and is arrested, we are punishing them not for trying to kill themselves but for being clumsy while at it. I see no other justification for punishment in such a case other than the one already stated.

Readers are also aware that I have no belief in the immortality in the soul.

It is with this background that I share this article on suicide and immortality of the soul.

On suicide and immortality of the soul