How things change

Do present day Republicans in the US not feel any shame when they recall that

the party of Lincoln was the party most closely associated with respect for contemporary science, liberalizing trends within Protestantism, and the separation of church and state.

That the GOP was the party of Ingersoll and was pro-abolition and all, while the Democratic party couldn’t give Ingersoll a nomination for a political seat because of his anti slavery and anti religious sentiments.

How things change!

The great agnostic

On atheists and agnostics had this to say

The agnostic is an atheist. The atheist is an agnostic. The agnostic says; ‘i do not know but I do not believe there is any god. The atheist says the same. The orthodox Christian says he knows there is a god: but we know that he does not know. The atheist (too) cannot know that god does not exist.

I think this settles the matter.