Against intelligent design

All the works and all the productions of nature are really made by necessary and accidental causes, which are blind and completely deprived of Reason. These works and productions do not at all demonstrate or prove the existence of a sovereign intelligence or consequently, the existence of a god who made them as we see them.
It is therefore absurd and ridiculous to say or think that printed characters, ink and paper, which have no movement in themselves, could arrange and bind themselves so well together that they could make a book.
The above are wise words by Jean Messlier

Some things people say

Some of you who read this blog have met Veracious poet. In his latest post he writes

Note that, I am not a Christian apologist. My position is only a philosophical position. I don’t attend any church or feel the need to make senseless noise in the name of worship. I think that is lunacy. But, other than ascribing events and existence to random chance, I simply hold the view that there is an entity higher than man, who originated the universe.


Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

which only means if this Jesus fellow graced the earth, he never wanted to be understood. He was a lunatic and a madman, a lowlife. But I digress.

Instead of honestly admitting his religiosity, he hides behind a cover of pseudo-intelligentsia or philosophy while openly arguing for creationism.

  1. Because we don’t know why death comes when it does, it must be the work of an intelligent designer. What does it help an infinitely perfect being to create beings that die and decay? Was this its attempt at humour? Was god bored?
  2. Evolution through natural selection? Designed by intelligent designer, blessed be it!
  3. Powers of human imagination? Blessed be the intelligent designer!
  4. Animal instinct? Blessed be the intelligent designer. What, if we may, is instinct? Is this not the same in human beings as it is in brutes?
  5. We have different food sources, blessed be the intelligent designer!
  6. Laws of planetary motion. The universe is fine tuned blah blah.
  7. Someone must control the water levels. It is impossible to imagine that these are just natural processes. God must be involved, but hey, I am no goddite, I am a philosopher!
  8. You can breath, blessed be the intelligent designer.
  9. Sex, thank god!

Why leave out cancer, wasn’t this the work of the intelligent designer. Slow torturous and painful way to die.

What about the claws that enable lions to maul gazelles, intelligent designer, blessed be he.

Why forget the plague? Or typhoid fever. The blessed intelligent designer took no chances. He included in his designs safeguards to ensure death would come. It maybe painless like waking up dead or syphilis.

Don’t you find earthquakes and tsunamis beautiful. You vile atheists! The height of the wave and the destruction that follows it, how can you not praise the intelligent designer for his ways.

Heat waves. How intelligently designed. They reach just the appropriate temperatures to kill humans and brutes alike. Blessed be the intelligent designer.

Why should anyone cover their veiled attacks on atheism behind claims of being ignorant of why things are the way they are. I readily admit I don’t know why shit is, but I am not going to quickly jump into conclusions that would in themselves need explanations. That would be uncalled for and dishonest.

There is nothing wrong in accepting one is religious. It is hard to admit one has been duped. But it does you no good to pretend to be philosophical when you are not acting the part.

mistakes of god

He was also indistinct. How he raged at us, this wrath snorter, because we understood him badly! But why did he not speak more clearly?

And if the fault lay in our ears, why did he give us ears that heard him badly? If there was dirt in our ears, well! who put it in them?

Too much miscarried with him, this potter who had not learned thoroughly! That he took revenge on his pots and creations, however, because they turned out badly- that was a sin against GOOD TASTE.

F. Nietzsche

Perfume the story of a murderer

Perfume the story of a murderer

Now friends, today we will not talk about the Genesis story. You see last evening the missus (she is a beautiful and lovely damsel, I miss her a lot) was home [she works out of town] so I couldn’t write and we decided that we could watch a movie and settled on Perfume the story of a murderer. If you haven’t watched this movie, I recommend you do. There are very many beautiful scenes, I specifically like the scene of his sentencing. For a brief moment the people felt like they were in paradise and that the messiah had returned. It’s a brilliant movie! I seriously need a bit of that perfume, I could make use of it sometime.

That aside, today I want to take us through a biology lesson with the aim of showing you, dear creationist, there is possibly no way life forms are a result of some Intelligent design as some of you want us to believe. Since I know I make a bad teacher, here you will find a definition of what would be called design (you can agree or disagree) and here you will find examples and descriptions what for purposes of this blog we will call bad design.

I invite you to update the list that has been developed or just to have a good laugh.

We will continue with Genesis later.

Stupid design

There has been talk about intelligent design. This article is calling for contribution in stupid design.

I will just mention one or two and hope you come up with a long list.

1. why do men have nipples?

2. How about the fact that we breathe and drink through the same hole causing a number of us to chock to death every year?


Imagethe human appendix. what’s it’s use?