It’s the end of January

And for some of us on this side of the Indian ocean, there are still 60 days of njaanuary left to be overcome. If you are not in that category, you are doing well.

How many are still keeping up with their new year resolutions; to lose weight, to read more, make money, get married, get divorce or whatever it is that was in your list?

Today morning I went for a run and shortly during the run, I had this urge to dunk. I don’t think I would have done an extra 100m without shitting myself but luckily I was at a gas station and so I paused my timer & got to business. After that, I went agoogling and discovered that as I run, the vertical oscillations make my colon jiggle combined with the caffeine & other physiological activities, I had to have the runners trot.

Have you been vaccinated yet? How did that go? Here we expect the first batch of vaccines mid February & it’s just a few million doses.

If you are still alive at the end of your reading this post, thank fortuna: such a blind giver & without no apparent favourites.

Happy February, everyone.

what are my everyday experiences with the religious

I probably have mentioned it before that I live in a country where the religious are everywhere. Almost everything is deferred to god. When there is bad traffic snarl-up, people are praying on twitter, when the government fails in its duties there are prayers said and those in government also pray for god to help them. I have also mentioned that there is a church right at the gate to my flat and the next church is less than 50m away. Am not kidding.

That gives you a bit of background of how religion is embedded in my society.

My friends are of two groups. I have godless friends and goddites. I meet my godless friends rarely as compared to the goddites. Hell. I work with goddites. Almost everyone in the office is a goddite except the CEO. It is common knowledge in the office am godless. It is not an issue except for those who are privately praying for me to rejoin them.

I have had a few of my friends say they are praying for me but in general, they have left it as a matter of choice which I do my best to always try and dissuade them from. And if you are wondering whether I tell them religious belief in bonkers in their face as I do on the internet, yes I do. You see am a honest guy and I don’t like to hide. I tell those in school to decide on one course of action; either you are praying to pass exams or you are studying but not both because on the final analysis, one seems to me to be redundant. It is like over reinforcing a house. You end up with redundant members.

My immediate family is an interest case. They are almost all religious. They know am irreligious. No one asks me to pray nor do they insist I join them in talking to themselves. There is a lot of respect between us.

The only group of friends that piss me off are those religious ones who tell me they have become closer to their god since they met me. How would a person become more religious by interacting with a sham smasher! And of course the church at our gate. They make so much noise on Sundays I want to burn it down.

In general though I know the great influence religion has in my society, the people around me behave in a way that isn’t far from living like there is no god. No one bothers my peace and anytime someone brings gods in discussion I make it clear am godless.