How is this justifiable? Kenyatta National Hospital is the last place to be admitted in if you can help it!

The largest referral hospital in the East Africa region is Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. That is the only thing positive about it. I was there yesterday to see my uncle who is admitted with a head injury following a road accident a few days ago. As a taxpayer, the money the government takes from me is to be used to provide essential services that would otherwise be out of reach of most people, why this isn’t happening when the same government is willing to spend 450 million to build a retirement office for some old geezer who has a few years to live and more than 200 million to renovate the house for the number two clown running this government!

How on mother earth do you have people hawking in wards selling groundnuts, airtime and I don’t know what else?

The nurses don’t allow anyone in the hospital out of visiting hours, I have no problem with this, but I have problem if they don’t do their work. How for example, does a person serve a person who can’t see or hear food and does not feed them? Are you trying to kill them faster or how is it?

If your relatives don’t visit, then you don’t get your bedding changed and most likely you will not be washed! I find this so horrid, I don’t even want to contemplate.

I get angry writing about the state of affairs in this hospital and so I end this rant here!