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I am beginning to think the missionaries that came to the shores of East Africa to spread their slavish religion were Puritans. If they were not, I think their descendants or rather successors want to create a puritanical society in Kenya and the rest of Africa where they have a hold.

There was a demo against a mini skirt law in Uganda. This piece attempts to show what the problem with this craze is.

These puritans are at it again. Netflix is planning on opening shop in Kenya. The Kenya Film Censoring Classification Board has come out from slumber to tell us

[We cannot be a] passive recipient of foreign content that could corrupt the moral values of our children

The author of the above statement is, you guessed right, a bishop. He must believe that if he can’t be happy, no one else should be. Reminds me of the stories I hear of the US of A where in some states at some point in history, the bar, the stadium and the library were closed on Sunday because the Methodist had to go to church.

The same board tells us

In this era of global terrorism, including broadcasts over the internet by terrorist entities, vigilance is the price of safety and prevention. As Kenyans, we therefore need to ask all the right questions about the unregulated arrival and future of Netflix in the country. We need to ponder its implications in light of the ongoing war on terror by questioning the manner and nature of Netflix’s introduction of services in Kenya.

Really? In a country where the corrupt, the real terrorists and threat to the nation’s livelihood, walk free you dare talk about vigilance. I suspect these people smoke banned substances by the barrel.

And in a bid to save the sheeples from fraud by their charlatans, the government proposed legislation to regulate religion. And at least somebody thinks this regulation is timely.

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