ex nihilo nihil fit

Now that I have your attention, we can continue with this discussion.

The question for today: is there immortality?

The followers of the Abrahamic religions have no stake in this discussion. If they believe their god created life out of nothing and further that birth is the beginning of life, it would be a contradiction for them to assert there is life, in any form, beyond the grave. Death to them must be the end of life.

So my godless friends, do you think there is immortality and f not why?

Words to always remember

There are few times when the bible records what many of us consider truths. I don’t know how often the godcultists who plan on going to heaven read their book. It says somewhere

The living know at least that they will die, but the dead know nothing and they wait for no reward; no feelings of hatred or love or any desire at all affect them and they take part no longer in all that is done in the world. Go, then, in peace and joy to enjoy the goods that you have!  Drink and eat the fruits of your labour in peace and rejoice with your friends and loved ones; for, that is all the good you can hope for in life.