On the mainstream media

Again, I agree with Assange on this. He writes

The condition of the mainstream press is so appalling I don’t think it can be reformed. I don’t think that is possible. I think it has to be eliminated and replaced with something that’s better.

When I look at our press, I am often forced to agree with Henrik Ibsen in the enemy of the people, where the press is portrayed as really not after truth but working with the highest bidder to manipulate the people to think or act in a certain way. And this is the problem of the present century. Most media houses are either beholden to the state or big corporations. They lie through their every orifice.

Our media has gone to bed with the wolves

In the hope, the wolves would eat them last.

They have failed to put the electoral bungling commission and its associate the Jubilee party to explain discrepancies that have become evident following the supreme court ruling or even attempted to discuss the anomalies red-flagged by Kenyans On Twitter, the best observer mission, if there ever was any.

All the media houses, having told us before they polls, they would have a reporter at the 290 constituency tallying centres, have to this day, a month later, not presented a single independent record they took to aid in the verification process. What they continue to do is numb us with bullshit.

How can it be that several media houses have no people or editors with courage to print and distribute what they found out? What is investigative journalism if not unearthing such misdeeds by the state and its agencies or by private enterprise that seek to subvert the will of the majority?

As my friend writes

To a great degree, it is indisputable that the media has become an extension of Jubilee’s Public Relations (PR) exercise, even going so far as to demand NASA concede to an illegally elected President.