Comic relief

Friends I promise this is the last post of the evening and no, I have not paid to fill your readers with all these many posts but since we all agree sharing is living, I felt it was only fair and just that I bring this very interesting blog post to your attention so that you could fire away, let’s call it an intellectual fire zone.

The posts are here and here.

I wasn’t aware till I read these posts people became atheists so they can smoke; someone give me a smoke and a lighter, drink: the booze is on me tonight or not go to church! I know countless religious people who don’t remember the last time they had a conversation with their church pastor. But I could hazard a guess why he could not become an atheist; he didn’t apply himself intellectually. You don’t close your eyes and say am an atheist.

And please no one is born religious. You are born without beliefs in anything, basically born ignorant. Religion has to be fed to you same time you are fed on milk formula so you can spread the same nonsense to your children and hopefully have enough of these to corrupt an entire village if not country.

The rest is for you my friends to weigh in.