Nairobi city county is being run by idiots

And I really think something should be done to arrest this situation before the city goes to the dogs or pigs whichever is your preference.

Twice officers from the city’s parking division have clamped my car; one time the idiot clamped it while I was inside and today some idiot clamped it just at the moment I was paying. This meant wasting the better part of my afternoon looking for the idiot with the key.

I understand that the people of Nairobi elected a not so bright individual as governor but one would expect technocrats to do better or be better.


In other news, reading about the senate’s rules in the impeachment trial of Trumpsky where Mitch has refused no witnesses shall be called reminds me of how Moi, our ex president, would scuttle a commission of enquiry. Maybe Americans are coming face to face with the problem associated with poor choice of leaders & we will hear less of their lectures.