There is a new sheriff in town

In 2017, the good people of Nairobi county elected a clown, a jail break of questionable intelligence to be their governor. Whether it was out of hysteria or plain old foolishness, only history will be the judge. Now, after two years of disastrous leadership, the other incompetent fellow at State House have taken over critical functions of the county government leaving Sonko basically idle and with almost a ceremonial title. The legalities of the process I leave to lawyers to discuss.

The new town Sheriff is Major-General Mohamed Abdalla Badi. If he is to clean the rot in the city government, I see only one way to do it. First and foremost, announce vacancies at development control. Fire everyone who is there and have fresh interviews. Those who reapply and qualify, move them to sub-county offices or place them in other departments or he should say goodbye to changes in that department.

Kenyatta said

“There are cartels running the city water supply, garbage collection, parking, issuance of permits,”

and if this it to change, a change of guard at the helm is not enough. A shakedown of the entire edifice is mandatory. Unless, this is one of those plans by incompetent office bearers to keep justifying their salaries while being incapable of delivering their mandates to the public.

The toughest job for the good major will be managing traffic congestion in the city roads. As Brian never stops to remind me, planning alone will not solve this problem and especially as long as people rely in their own personal cars, we shouldn’t expect any changes and I doubt the general has what it takes to demand radical action to change how move within the city so we might as well forget any changes in this respect.

Studies have been done around the world how cities can improve their revenue collection. I can’t tell to what extent the general believes that scholarly material has application in practice. It is likely he will do nothing creative or innovative to improve revenue collection or to come up with new revenue streams.

To improve public health systems, the county government or in this Nairobi Metropolitan Service will need to move fast to improve clinics and other health facilities, employ necessary personnel and pay more attention to preventive actions rather than curative.

The good general will have to allocate up to 30% of revenue to manage garbage collection. This again is supported by evidence from studies in other jurisdictions of what budgetary allocations are required to maintain some decent level of garbage collection, disposal and treatment.

He has a tall order which I doubt he will be able to accomplish. Maybe the general is an accomplished army man but public service is an entirely different ball game. And because I have doubts in the appointing authority’s ability to carry through with a challenging task, there is no where this Nairobi regeneration plan is going.

In Covid19 related news, there was a national day of prayer yesterday (Saturday) where among other things the president said

There are those who are saying that we should depend on science not prayers. But I want to assure you that even science needs God. A nation prospers when a nation trusts in its maker.

the same maker who has left the most Catholic country in the world in the hands of her medical officers.

He added

Let us continue to pray for healing, understanding, and prosperity. Our God is a hearing God and He will grant us our desires and our wishes.

which he has so far refused to the 13071 dead (as of this writing) from Corona virus. But maybe we are a special country, who knows.

The archbishop for the Anglican church on his part had this to say

When the children of God strayed away he would allow calamities to ravage their world.

And since god is ravaging the world, is it not best to wait for her anger to dissipate and she stops infecting people with disease?

I have read elsewhere that the theme of the prayer service was

 the apparent sinning and rebelliousness of man from the word of God.

and the guest list was basically all those corrupt government officials and the clergy that provides them with cover. Basically, the source and end of our problems arising from mismanagement were at SH. One asks at such times where was god?

In these times of Covid19 all one can wish his friends is to have a corona free day, won’t you?

On why politicians should have brains

I have expressed my disdain for politicians and pastors. However, the group of politicians I find most despicable are moronic ones and in this group, honorable mentions go to the political leadership of Nairobi, kiambu counties, just to name a few

Without providing alternative, reliable and efficient public transport, the idiots running Nairobi think that by raising parking fees, they will solve the congestion problem. You should note that this seems to contradict what the Muigai’s government, a not so clever one for that matter, is doing. Instead of assisting county government of Nairobi plan for public transport, they are expanding roads which we don’t need in the short and long term.

Maybe, it is really true, fools can’t be helped.

Before those like him come to harass me, I know businesses and offices are moving away from the CBD as a result of congestion, filth and better spaces available elsewhere.

I advocate for public transport including NMT. The county government has a duty to provide transport services to the residents. Raising taxes and levies without providing alternatives is plain stupid.

But maybe Nairobi and the country generally loves its leaders stupid and ignorant.

Not so pleasant news

Friends, those of you, who, like me, don’t watch TV and rely on other news sources maybe unaware of what is probably one of today’s big stories around the world concerning the motherland, maybe only second to the suicide bomber somewhere in the middle or far East who killed people at a funeral. There has been a security situation, I think as far as I can tell, the second of its kind, if you count the 2005 incident in which balaclava clad men raided a media station holding journalists hostage for a few hours, good thing no one was hurt, where armed and I think masked gunmen have raided a shopping mall and so far many people have lost their lives.

I feel sad for those in the middle of this mess and sorrow for all those who have lost loved ones in this incident maybe because it is death that hasn’t come naturally or in a way of their own choosing similar to all those who have lost lives in suicide attacks, malaria deaths, road accidents, and in of 1000 ways to die.

This situation made me think of this documentary

And a few twitter updates

Of politics, politicians and their thieving ways

In 2010, we enacted, after more than 2 decades of activism for change, a new constitution. A document that many hailed as being a great document for charting our journey towards a brighter future, a future that our independence fathers, except of course the first president, had in mind. A unified future, a nation where inequality in distribution of resources will be addressed, the bill of rights be expanded and several constitutional safeguards put in place against the excesses of government.

There was a lot of excitement that so many things were either overlooked or not given serious thought. I will list a few:

  1. we expanded the national assembly and created a new house, a senate, following both the American and British models of two houses but the roles of these idiots was not properly considered. We have been treated to a show of strength between the two houses each trying to show the other which is the most powerful. My recommendation: We don’t need the expanded national assembly, we keep the regional governments and the senate. The senators will bring to the floor of the house issues that have been raised at the county level for debate. In this way we have fewer idiots trying to run the country.
  2. constitutional offices. For the life of me, please tell what the work life of an IEBC[the body charged with botching elections] commissioner when there are no elections. Remember these people draw insane salaries in the pretext that they should be above bribery which doesn’t make sense when you think of the issue carefully. There is a commission charged with harmonisation of salaries for state officers. Please tell me what these people do everyday apart from thinking about salaries and then being paid at the end of the month for doing nothing. Recommendation: disband all unnecessary constitutional bodies.
  3. cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries. This is the thing, before ministers were idiots, nay, I meant to say politicians and there was a permanent secretary to run the ministry. Now we have technocrats. What is the point of another layer of bureaucracy?  Recommendation: reduce the size of the fucking government!

Most of you by now know of my disdain for politicians. I think we need as a country to rethink the recall clause, the size of parliament, seriously you don’t want to have close to 400 running amok in a country whose population is mainly sheeples!

Please don’t think am biased to the idiots, nay, politicians

Governors want County budget increased from Sh210 billion to Sh258 billion and they also want offices in Nairobi. Now we are trying to devolve government because for a long time power has been concentrated in the centre and in Nairobi. Why would these dimwits want to live in Nairobi while there areas of jurisdiction is in the counties they represent?

Salary: Members of Parliament turn guns on President Uhuru. I have written on the MPigs haggling for a higher salary and asking for the disbandment of the commission that slashed their salaries. Having failed on these attempts, they have decided to blackmail everyone, from the supposed president, to the revenue authority! A real bunch of thieves and idiots they are.

On a side note, there is another constitutional body that is telling us not to use insults when referring to MPs and others when they fuck us up! To them, go and hang. If you find my language offensive, don’t read it again. It is your problem, not mine.


Times are hard but……

Friends, I don’t know about you, but it appears to me that for some damsels in the beautiful city of Nairobi, with its high unemployment levels, life has become too hard to bear and with no legitimate means to get the much required cash for hairdo, make up and flashy clothing, a solution to this problem must and needs be found. How good this solution is, I can’t be judge. A few of these sisters working alone or in groups manage to attract the attention of young and sex starved men with some disposable cash which it seems they want to reduce to manageable levels and here is where the drama starts.

I have heard of reports of people getting their drinks spiked [drugged] only to wake up later to find all they own is the boxers they were in when they went to the bar after having been robbed clean literally. But this are the lucky lot, at least if they manage to get home, all they have to deal with is shame and additional expenses of buying phones and a new wallet and if you are so unlucky, a visit to the Immigration’s Department for an identity card and to the bank for a new ATM card. It is their lucky day if they were not asked to reveal their passwords!

There is the unlucky group of men who thinking they have got an easy lay take these women home. This young man if he is lucky he will get laid, that is if he is lucky, most don’t get that far. They get drugged as soon they get home and offer drinks to their beautiful finds. They blackout and wake up the following day with a hangover and a house emptied of his priced electronics. How these feats are achieved, I can’t even begin to describe but these are the stories we hear.

I don’t know if it is the economy to blame or something else, that I leave to you friends to be the judges!

Women in clubs conning their way to riches